Camila Imagine

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It's 1am, and you wake up to the sound of your phone ringing. You check who it is, it's Camila, she texted you. Hey, look outside - 'Camz <3 the text read. You walk towards the window, and open it. You sit on the roof, your usual meeting place. "Hey Y/N," she says as she kisses your forehead. You set your head on her shoulder, and she wraps her arm around you. Both of you gaze up at the sky. "Do you think our parents will..." you say, cutting yourself off and sighing. "...accept us?" Camila continues. "I don't care about that Y/N. Actually, this is special, you know, secretly meeting each other during night, and dusk. I think it's because we show each other we'll do anything for love." You feel how much Camila meant what she said. "That's not true, Camz. Even if we're not a secret, I'd still do anything and everything for the person I love most, you." You get your head off her shoulders, and she looks at you into the eyes. You could feel the butterflies in your stomach, and see her beautiful, beautiful eyes sparkle under the moonlight. She leans in closer, and meets her lips with yours. You both share a passionate kiss, and as you two pull away from it, she whispers "I love you." And you reply with an "I love you too."

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