Chapter 7

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Beca's P.O.V.

"Is everyone settled?" Chloes asks. Everyone confirms in some way before Chloe turns to me.

"Ready for that talk?"


I hesitate a little bit before I nod, then turning to the group, I say, "Erm, Chloe and I are going to go to the front of the store and guard the doors. Everyone stay here and try to get some rest."

I walk out of the back room and through the isles before coming to a stop at one of the cashier counters, pulling up a chair. Chloe walks behind another counter and pulls a chair over to where I'm sitting.

We are both facing the front doors, and after a couple minutes of silence, Chloe speaks up.

"Did you mean it when you said it was nothing?"

"No." I respond.

"Do you, erm, what is this?"

"I don't know, Chloe."

I could feel my walls coming back up, and I start to twitch in my seat. Chloe gets off of her chair and comes in front of me, putting her hands on my thighs. "Don't freak out, please. I just, erm, do you like me?"

I look up and meet her eyes, immediately forgetting how anxious I was. I start to nod and before I know it, I whisper out, "Yes." Her face lights up and she pulls me up to stand with her before pulling me into a hug.

She buries her face into my hair and I hear a faint sigh. When she pulls back, our eyes meet and a magnetizing force pulls our foreheads together.

"I like you, too." Chloe whispers.

She leans in closer, mixing our breaths together. Her lips ghost over mine just barely, and her hand moves to cup my face. I lean in closer to help her and our lips just brush over each other's and that's when I see movement out of the corner of my eye. I snap my head towards the front door just in time to see figure duck behind a car.

"There's someone out there." I grab the gun from the back of my pants, click off the safety, and cock the gun. I open the door, aiming it at the car, and walk closer. "Who are you?" I say loud enough so I know the person hears me.

I see the person's eyes peek over the hood of the car, "Don't hurt me, please!" The person says.

His voice is obviously a male voice. He starts to stand up and I can see fully what he looks like. He has short blonde hair and these really intense brown, almost eyes. He was easily a very handsome man He had a pretty big build, I'd say he was about 5'11" and his clothes looked so dirty. Almost like he has been walking around the nearby woods for days.

"Who are you?" I asked, the gun pointed right in between his eyes.

"I'm Fred. You can call me Freddie. Please don't kill me." I could see the fear in his eyes.

I lower my gun slightly and when I didn't see a reaction from him, I brought the gun down, still poised to shoot if necessary. "What are you doing here?"

"Well, I was hiding out in the woods for awhile until the undead dudes left." I cringed at his heavy surfer accent. "They left last night."

"Well, you better be on your way, Fred." I say sternly.

"Beca, come on, we cant leave him to fend for himself." Chloe says.

"Have you killed anyone alive?" I ask.

"Nah, bro." Eugh, it's such an idiotic accent, I think to myself.

"Have you killed any of the dead ones?" I ask.

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