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I ran till I reatched Shredder's layer without to many marks from the acid like rain. Before I had always thought it was small,but standing in front of it made it huge. The truth was...I was scared of going back in that place. If Shredder caught me again he'd take me with him back to Japan I bet. Not even the turtles would be able to find me then. No one would. But I had to do this....for Rei.

So I opened the door and peeked inside. No one was sitting in Shredder's throne. There wasn't there anyone in the room. Talk about luck. I knew the place like the back of my hand. Rei would be resting. Her room was near mine however I rarely saw her enter it. I knocked on it quietly. No one answered. I slowly opened the door. It was empty. Where could she be?

I continued down the hall way when I heard foot steps. Instantly I reeled back into a random room and shut the door. The foot steps came closer and my heart beat quickened at the thought of Shredder finding me. However the foot steps walked past the door and I let out the breath I'd been holding. Speaking of witch what room was I in? I turned around and realized the room was pitch black.

As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I began to make out the figure of a woman in the corner of the room. Her gold eyes showed fear as she seemed to realize who I was and I realized who she was as well.

,What are you doing here R-rei? I blinked.

,Shredder put me here", Rei answered carefully.

,Why?", I exclaimed.

,Shhhh I can't explain why,you must leave now", Rei lowered her voice to a harsh whisper.

,I won't leave you here", I shook my head.

,Kana if Shredder finds you here he'll kill you", Rei growled. I had never seen her like this before.

I wanted to leave then. Pretend this had never happen. But I couldn't. Not that now I was here. There was no going back.

,I don't care,your coming with me", I grabbed Rei's hand and yanked her to her feet.

,Please don't try and save me", She begged.

I ignored her and dragged her to the door,opening slightly to peek into the hall. No one was there. I pulled her into the hall.

,Don't it's a trap!!!", Rei exclaimed. Before I could make a move Rei collapsed to the ground. Blood pooled around her as I saw the knife in the side of her head. It had been thrown. I crouched down next to Rei and tried to shake her frantically in hope she'd open her eyes.

I looked up at a figure as it towered over me. Tiger claw. He grinned,revealing sharp fangs.

,Shredder's been looking for you", He growled.

,He knew this would happen", I stared blankly up at Tiger claw.

,Indeed", Tiger claw's eyes lit up with amusement as he saw the tears at the corners of my eyes. I wouldn't cry though. Not in front of him.

,You killed her", I muttered.

, And she didn't even have time to tell you the truth huh?", Tiger claw smirked.

I felt like I was snapped into reality just then.

,The truth?", I asked.

,Tell much do you remember from your childhood", Tigerclaw inquired. He took a step forward and the realization hit me. I might not have a chance against him.

,I don't know", I took another step back back from Rei's body and I felt the wall behind me stop me from moving further away.

,What can you remember?", Tiger claw leaned close to my face and I wanted to shrink away from his yellow eyes that seemed to bore into me.

,I-i remember my mother...and then she was dying...I was taken when I was 5....and then...nothing till I was ten...", I trailed off.

,So you remember being taken and then nothing till you where ten?", Tiger class inquired.

I nodded. What was he getting at though? A sudden fear of what could've happen for those years I have no memory of overtook me.

Tigerclaw though for a moment,carefully choosing his words.

,Not just any human can just kill humans for living ya know", Tiger claw told me.

,Are you saying I'm not human?", I stared him straight in the eyes,all fear of him gone.

,No,but there another ways to make you more powerful and easily swayed", Tiger claw answered.

,H-how?", I fought to keep my voice steady.

,Do you know anything sort of food or drink you took daily?",Tiger claw raised a brow.

,Just some vitamin pills", I muttered.

, let me see them", Tigerclaw ordered roughly.

I hesitated before reaching into my pocket and pulling out a couple of the pills. They were just vitamins. I took 2 evrey day. It was just routine. They sped up my energy in the morning.

Tigerclaw took a pill and cut it in half,the shell of the pill being sliced. A green oooze was visible in side it. My breath caught in my throat and I fought to keep keep calm.

Tigeraws mouth formed a smile at my confusion and shock. He knew exactly what was happening.....

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