Chapter 30

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Harry's POV: 

I have a worried look on my face when Emma asks me if everything is all right. I lift my head up and look her in the eyes. "We might have a problem." I say calmly. I can't freak out right now, I have to say this calmly. 

I see Emma's mood change, she puts the tray she is holding down and she walks over to me. Joining me on the bed facing the computer instead of me. But I don't care, she has to see the bad news for herself. 

Her eyes are skimming the web page and I just don't know what to do or say. I know she will be disappointed because this was her biggest dream, this is what she wants as long as she can remember. 

"So, we can't go?" She asks me with a little crack in her voice.

I sigh, "Well, we can't go soon. Because the tickets are just way to expensive right now. But we can leave in three weeks I guess." I say and I smile a little. But there isn't anything to smile for. We can't wait for an other three weeks, we don't have to money for that. It was or leaving now and buy last minute tickets or... Well yea, that was kind of our only option. And now that it can't... Ugh this is not fair, why did my dream came true but not hers? 

"But what are we going to do now? We can't stay here, that's just to expensive." Emma's voice snaps me back to reality. She says the thing that I was too afraid of telling her. But she is just so God damn right. And we both know it.

"I uhm... I guess the only way we can get some money is uhmm..." God I can't say this. It's just so pathetic. I didn't leave her for nothing, I don't want to go back to her for asking money. Just no way, but we need it.

Emma looks at me, with a frown between her eyebrows, she doesn't know where the hell I am talking about. "What do you mean? Sorry I really don't understand you."

"I uhm... I was wondering if we... Okay this is going to sound really stupid and it's not something I want to do either, but I think we don't have an other choice." I rattle.

"For God sacks, Harry just say it." She sounds a little irritated and I don't blame her.

I sigh and say. "Okay, I think we should ask our parents for some money..." I look at her face again and her eyes don't shine anymore, I look at some dull brown eyes who normally shine. But not this time, and I don't blame her. But I think we don't have much of an other option. Looking for work isn't going to work this time, none of us can speak Chinese and we don't have any time to look for a job either. We can't travel any further because we don't have a car anymore, I sold mine a few months ago because we needed some money and we didn't use it anyways. But we can't spend all of our money on two plane tickets, that just foolish. Because with which money are we going to rent shelter? Or buy food? Or anything else we need? 

She nods lightly, she knows that this is the only option we have got left. But she doesn't want to ask it either, it is such a shame. More for me than for her, because she already made it up with her mother. But still, it is a shame. I can't ask mine because I left her, just like that and out of the blue. I didn't talk to her, ever again. So asking my mother isn't an option. but I don't want to push Emma either, we need around 1500£. 

She opens her mouth but closes it immediately,  then she opens it again and she asks. "Okay, how much do we need?"

Wow, wait. Is she really going to ask her mother for money? Well, it shouldn't be that much of a surprise because I am in a fight with mine so asking mine wasn't an option in the first place. 

As if she can read my mind she says. "Yea, because asking your mother wouldn't bring us any closer to Hawaii."


Emma has been talking to her mother for almost an hour now, and it's killing me! I want to know what they say but I can't eavesdrop them. That would be rude and inappropriate. I guess we will get some money, otherwise they wouldn't be talking for more than an hour. Right?

"Yea, okay. Thank you so much mom!"


"I love you too." 

I hear Emma getting up and walking towards the door. She opens her and I can't see if she did it or not. She has her pockerface on, and she knows it. God, Emma. Just tell me.

"Hahahah Harry, you look at me like I am your prey and you are going to attack me any second." She says with a laughter. And I know she did it, otherwise she wouldn't laugh so easily.

"You know that you betrayed yourself, he?" I say with a smirk on my face as I walk towards her. 

"Fuck, hahah" She starts laughing again and I join her. 

We laugh together and it feels amazing, especially after this terrible morning. Well, it wasn't that terrible and I smirk again. 

"I don't want to be rude or anything, but how much did you get? And when should we pay it back to her?" 

She lifts her head up and wipes the tears from the corners of her eyes. "She will transfer 1500£ right now, and there is no time limit on it. We can pay her off any time we can. But I want to do it as soon as possible." 

I nod as an agreement. I want to pay it off as soon as possible, but it is so sweet of her! I can't believe it, 1500£ is a lot of money. 

- Beep beep- 

Emma grabs her phone immediately and a genuine smile appears on her face. "We can book those tickets."

I jump a little of excitement, I never thought we would actually get it! Unbelievable!

But how are we going to pay her off? Like I said, 1500£ is a lot of money... I feel a stone in my stomach.

Harry, don't you worry. You will get the money after you are going to work. So don't you worry, she will get the money as soon as possible. I will work for it, with Emma off course. But she will get it, every single pound. 

Emma says. "Let's buy the tickets." And she already walks towards the bed where the laptop is standing. She sits in a crossed-legged position and it looks kind of cute. There aren't much moments when I can say that Emma is cute. She is always talking and busy and never, but really never weak. And that's what I love about her so much, she is so strong even when she don't have to be strong. 

Wait, the only time she isn't strong is right after her midnight memories. I still have to ask her about her last one. She was yelling and cry so much and I couldn't wake her up. She was just so far gone I had to shook her shoulder so hard. But she finally woke up and then he cried for almost an half an hour and it was a bad one I can tell. She was just so upset, just like her previous one. I keep wondering what it is she dreams of. Well, not really dreaming. Right? You can't dream if you have a nightmare, can you? 

Pfff mind fuck. Never mind.

Wait, I never used to use those words. Emma really does changed me, and I am so happy she did. I do a lot more, and things I never thought I would actually do them! I am a bit proud of myself, I am just so glad I have changed. I don't know what I would have done without her if I didn't met her. It is Louis who pushed me to go with Emma although I could see she obviously didn't want to. But I am happy she did stay. I miss Louis just so much and I can't believe he is dead. I really wanted to go to his funeral but I didn't know when and where it was, and Emma and I couldn't wait for it. We had to go. Maybe if we go back to London some time, we could visit his grave. 

I sigh at this thought, it sounds so weird saying it. Even if it's in my minde. It stays weird. Louis is dead and I didn't go this his funeral. I am by far the worst brother in the world. How can you not go to your own brothers funeral? I really did love him!

"He, what's up Harry?" Emma looks up to me. But I don't want to talk with her about Louis. It will be way to painfull to talk about that so I just shake my head. 

"Nothing, love." And I can see her blush again. No matter how much I call her Love or anything like that. She keeps blushing. And I love that.

I love her. 

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