Kayrins P.O.V

“Harry are u ..blushing?”I spoke hesitantly. Mid way through my laughter I noticed that Harry started feeling uncomfortable and that’s when I noticed that his cheeks were a light shade of pink.”What?...No!” he said biting the insides of his cheeks. I chuckled. “Oh c’mon, it’s cute” I said raising both my brows.

“Hey, I know I’m adorable, gorgeous, irresistible…”. I interrupted his desire to boost his manly ego. “I believe I just mentioned cute and none of the above. Do did you guys hear me saying anything else?” I looked to the rest of the boys and they all shook their head and then a thought popped in my head. “Speaking of you guys, what are you all doing here?” Louis was about to laugh but covered his mouth with his fist to stop himself from doing so.

They all shared awkward glances contemplating on telling me or not. Next thing I know Louis bursts into fits of laughter. He holds his sides and falls backwards, hitting the ground with a ‘thud’. His legs below his thighs are still planted on the bed. “Ouch that hurt” his laughter seized. Everyone else was silently laughing. “I’m okay thank you for asking “, he spoke sarcastically.

“Seriously guys, what’s going on?

“Well you see….cute story. Niall please do the honours”. Louis said while trying to wiggles himself out. His legs were underneath the covers which were tightly pressed by the boys’ body. He eventually failed. “Nah ahh” Niall instantly refused to share the story at which the boys were in fits of laughter.

Okay now I’m annoyed.

I grabbed my pillow and hit Niall with it. “Hey what was that for?” he protested. I gave in a ‘are you kidding me’ look and he sighed, looks like he’s going to spill the beans. “I was trying to wake you up so that you could come and have breakfast but I don’t know how it happened, I just got tangled in all the sheets. How many layers are here?” He said snuggling inside the top layer. “Let me guess, the same happened with all of you?” Everyone nodded and Niall continued.

“Yeah that happened to all of us except Harry, he thought we ditched him or something and …..”

“Hey, I felt lonely okay! How do you expect me to feel when I see everyone snuggled together without a care in the world? I felt left out so I just purposefully tried to join the pack despite the warnings. If we’re in trouble or in pain we should face it together”, Harry stated his big speech.

Face palm moment right there.


“So what you’re saying is that if all your friends fell in a well, instead of saving them you would jump in just because you feeling lonely” he narrowed his eyes, trying to figure what I just exactly. His eyes widen in realization.

“Well now that you put it that way. Wait why would I jump? I might hurt myself; I’d rather slide down a rope of something like that”

Hallelujah, how old is he again?

Liam hit his head. “Don’t worry Kay, he gets it. He was just messing with you” Hopefully it’s true. But his childishness makes him the person he is and I heard directioners love him a lot.

“Okay long story short. We’re going on vacation” Harry said

“I am on vacation”, confusion evident in my voice.

“Well you need a vacation from vacation”. Was all he said.


Hey hey. SORRY its short and for the delay. I’ve been busy lately but don’t worry I’m back now. Hope you’re enjoying it so far. Its my first fanfic so lower your expectations a little but don’t give up because I’m trying. :) Se ya soon.

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