The next few weeks in Chamonix passed by blissfully. Finn stayed with me and helped me do the hotel. It looked fabulous. We were firmly together by the end and I was worringly quickly falling for him. I couldn't seem to stop myself.

He made me happy and our relationship was passionate but easy going. I hadn't replied to Ashton even though he'd sent me numerous messages asking for me to reply or come and see him. Nick had come over for a night which was really fun, Finn and him got along really well which made me smile. 

The hotel was opening tomorrow and Finn and I were going to fly out to Italy to meet my parents before Finn would go back to Bath. I was still not sure what was happening for Christmas but it was still only middle November. 

'Sweetheart, where is my suitcase?' Finn yelled. He in our room while I was in the living room trawling through e-mails of small hotel owners wanting me to sort out their hotel. I sent out the same 'I'm sorry' e-mail to them all apart from a few. One was back in L.A. I accepted, glad for work near home and said I'd be there around the New Year. Another one was in Australia. It was an amazing offer, perhaps the best one i'd ever had. I gladly accepted and a reply came almost instantly. 

Miss Matthews, as the Manager, I was rather hoping you could come out here by the end of the month so we can finish it for Christmas. I hope it would suit your schedule, Mr Evens. 

I sat unknowing what to do. We had planned to go to Italy but then again this really was the most amazing offer. 'Anna?' He called again, I jumped and yelled back, 'In the other room. Finn can you come here for a second?' I heard some shuffling about and then he came into the room.

'Yeah?' He asked. He slid down on the couch next to me and wrapped his arms around my waist, 'I've had the most amazing offer, it's in Australia and they want me to start next week, we can still go to Italy for a few days but then I have to go. I should be finished by Christmas.' I explained. 

At the mention of Australia he stiffened. I had told him all about my failed relationships and he always got touchy about Ashton or me going to Australia even to visit Aiden. 'I don't want you going there.' He said calmly, 'Finn please. This is the best offer i've ever had. I won't even see Ashton let alone speak to him. Please I want to do this you should be happy for me.' I retalliated.

He sighed heavily, 'Allright, fine you win. But please promise me you won't see him.' He asked. I put the laptop down and turned in his lap. I put my legs either side of his waist and smiled. I moved a piece of hair out of his face and leaned closer to him, 'I promise you.' I breathed before I kissed him. He kissed me back instantly and I knew I had won this discussion. 'Ok I should go back to the hotel and make some last minute descions, Mr Beaumont wanted me to finalize some things.' I gasped.

He groaned, 'No, you don't have to.' He breathed against my neck. I sighed in pleasure, I really didn't want to go. 'No, no I have to.' I pleaded to him. I untangled myself and got up. 'No, you've done everything, it looks great.' He whined. His arms snaked around my waist and kissed my neck. I giggled and turned in his arms allowing his lips to claim mine again. 

He laughed and scooped me up taking us back to our room. 

'Ok, now I really do have to go over.' I laughed. It was late afternoon and I knew Mr Beaumont what have a fit if I didn't go. I got out of bed and threw on some clothes. 'I'll be back later darling.' I called and left. 

I only had a few papers to sign before he paid me. 'Thank you so much Miss Matthews, I think this is what we agreed, $25, 000?' He asked. I nodded and took the enevelope. 'Thank you so much for this amazing oppertunity Mr Beaumont, it has been a pleasure working for you. I'll drop the Chalet keys by your front desk tomorrow before I leave.' I explained. 'Thank you Miss. I'll have Pierre drive you to the airport and you can give him the key then, save you coming back up here.' He explained. I smiled and we shook hands and I left.

'Anna.' A voice called. As I turned to leave I saw him standing there. He looked the same. But his eyes had lost their shine, he'd left shaving and had grown a bit of a beard. 'Mason.' I choked out. He was dressed in a black suit and had a bag with him. 'How did you- how- how did you know where?' I stammered. 'I spoke to Nick and he was telling me about how he saw you here and was catching up with you. He told me about Ashton, i'm sorry it didn't work out.' He quickly added.

'Well I don't need the I told you so speech Mason. I thought I made the right choice, obviously not but I'm doing well now and I'm not going back into my past.' I explained. 

'Anna, I miss you terribly. I love you still and I want you to come back to me.' He pleaded. 'No Mason. I'm sorry but i'm with someone else and I'm so happy with him.' I explained and turned to leave. Pierre hadn't driven me so I stepped out into the cold air. I walked out into the snow, Mason close at my heel. 'Anna wait please. We were good together. I mean I thought we were.' He added. I stopped feeling terrible for him. 'Mason we were. But things happened and now i'm with someone else. It's been three years Mason you need to move on.' I explained.

He stood motionless in front of me. His breathing was hard, he looked me straight in the eye and I immediatly saw all the pain and hurt I had cause. 'I'm so sorry Mason.' I whispered. He strode over and took my face between his hands. 'Mason don't. Please' I stuttered. He ignored me and kissed me hard on my lips. It had been so long since we had kissed. He kissed me harder and I melted away at his touch. I let him deepen the kiss but soon my conscious caught up with me and I stopped myself. 

'No.' I said and stepped away from him. He looked somewhat pleased. 'I don't want you Mason. Go away and leave me alone. I love Finn.' I almost yelled. That took me by suprise as much as it did him. I loved him. That was the first time I said It but it wasn't to Finn. 'Ok.' He said and left, retreating to the hotel. I let tears swamp my eyes and I sat down in the freezing snow. My past seemed to be catching up with me. Just as everything was calming down and getting good again.

It seemed like hours I was lying in the snow just crying. It was begining to get dark when he found me. 'Oh Jesus Christ Anna.' He yelled as hepicked me up. My eyes were red and sore, I lost feeling in my body a while back but I didn't care. 'Baby what happened?' He asked as we walked back to the Chalet. 'I I I I'm sorry.' I muttered. 'Ok don't tell me now, tell me later ok now let's get you warm and dry, your soaked through.' I started crying again when we got back. 'Hey calm down ok your safe now.' 

I didn't want him to fuss over me like this if he knew what I had done. He stripped my frozen clothes of and ran me a steaming bath. At first the hot water was agonizing against my frozen skin but I soon thawed out and my teeth stopped chattering. 'Here.' Finn handed me a steaming cup of hot chocolate. I sipped at it religiously until I felt warm. 'Now please tell me what happened?' He asked.

I sighed deeply and explained everything. Bythe end he was silent. I was terrified. I got out and wrapped myself in a towel and sat on the bath side next to him. 'Say something.' I asked. He looked at me his eyes big and sad. 'I'm sorry sweetheart. I don't like it one bit apart from when you stopped kissing him and told him you love me.' He smiled. Relief washed through me. I smiled. 'But i'm still mad you let him kiss you.' He added. I nodded. 

He pulled me across onto his lap and whispered into my ear, 'Now, I don't want you running of to kiss any of your past loves because their over and your now mine.' I giggled, I felt safe and protected with him. 'I love you.' I whispered before he kissed me.

I got up and went to get changed before watching an old movie with him on the sofa before falling asleep in his arms. 

I felt for once we were in balance, he loved me as much as I loved him. I felt equal to him. 

I felt his arms tighten around me and I snuggled against him feeling on top of the world.


The song just popped into my head whilest I was writing and I thought it kind of suited the chapter.

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