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Did you earn something from those seven years? It couldn’t have been happy all the time.
Seulgi: Learned to endure? Haha. I learned to control my feelings going endlessly up and down. I had gone through many things and it made my mind, MENTAL you call these days, stronger. I think I can now manage almost anything.

Question: It(not stated in the photo) will make you aspire for some rest. What will you do if there is just one single day you can use freely? We can know about one’s likings from what they do when they rest.
Joy: I will go to the movies and watch 4DX movies. That is what I found as an alternative for not being able to go to an amusement park. I almost died of fun when I watched <TRANSFORMERS> in 4DX.
Wendy: I think I will listen to music. I like searching for songs people really don’t know much.

Question: Ah, that is such a boring answer
Answer: Well, we don’t have much choice. We are girl group(band).

Question: The song(Happiness) continuously tells us to find happiness, right? Then where do you guys get happiness from?
Joy: By eating! I feel so happy when I am eating something with members! It doesn’t matter what.

Question: Just small stuff like that? Isn’t eating greedily is a best lie for girl groups?
Wendy: No, it is true. Diet is like a burden we have to carry for rest of our lives. Because we dont get to eat much, the happiness doubles when we get the chance to eat. It makes us more obbessed with food when we think we can’t have them as much as we like.


Translation credit to Yumi @ RVG

A/N: So here's the interview of Red Velvet in the September Issue of The Celebrity Magazine. :)

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