*one week later (12th of september) Avery's point of view.*

so today everyone was coming round our house to celebrate Joe and Dads birthday (although Joe had his quite a few days ago and Dad is yet to have his) but oh well i guess it makes life easier.

so by everyone i mean Mum's dad (so like my grand father if he accepts) Dad's mum and dad (so yet again grandparents if they accept) and the all of Mum and Dad's friends- even some from America!

so today i decided on wearing just a plain casual pink dress which has a black bow around the waist and ends just below my knees- cute but effective.

Mum then wears a black dress with white poka dots which end just above her knees while dad wears black skinny jeans and plain white tank top shirt thing- i don't know what you people call them!

Mum and Dad were just doing last minute tidying while i was just on twitter. i soon realised i hadn't tweeted for awhile so i sent out a tweet.

"Mum and Dad (Zoe and Alfie) are gooing mental making sure everything is spotless for the BBQ with everyone! LOL! Xx"

i pressed tweet and instantly got 100's of retweets, favourites and replies. i then thought it would be to read some of the replies, so that's what i did!

"BBQ! yum! enjoy!"

"LOL! i can imagine Zoe doing that but Alfie being clean?!" <i then decided to reply to that one.

"@______ i think Mum (Zoe) Forced him to do it." i then tweeted making me laugh after tweeting it.

just then the door bell rang.

"Avery can you get the door please?" Mum shouts from upstair.

"okay!" i shout back before going over to the door and opening it revealing Joe!

"Joe!" i scream smiling.

"Avery!" he shouts hugging me! "i've missed you!"

"Joe, you saw me a week ago!" i laugh. he then pulls out of the hug.

"Avery, this is Caspar, Caspar this is Avery, my neice."

"hi Caspar!" i say standing out the way so the two can come in.

"Zalfie! where are you?!" Joe shouts using their ship name- so cringy.

"We're upstairs!" Dad shouts down.

"i hope you used protection!" Caspar shouts up earning a slap round the head from joe.

"Caspar! Avery is hear!" Joe scolded him making me burst out laughing. we then soon here foot steps come down the stairs.

"my broseph!" Mum screams hugging Joe. "Caspar! long time no see." Mum then says hugging Caspar.

Dad then comes down and does that weird man hug thing again, i don't know.

soon after, Alfie's mum and dad turned up and so did Joe and Mum's Dad- which they all accepted me as their grandaughter.

about half an hour later, everyone started to arrive which Zoe introduced me

there was Louise (who yes we already met) Darcy (Louise's daughter) Matt (Louise's husband) there was also Niomi, Marcus, Tyler, Troye, Tanya, Jim, Dan, and Phil. so yeah. it was a HUGE party! i don't even know Mum and Dad have afforded to feed everyone but, oh well.

everyone was really nice but i actually got on really well with Tyler and Troye. i just found Tyler hilarious (then troye was really friendly) but one thing in particular Tyler did had me almost dying of laughter. for some reason he had bought along a water gun so he filled that up with water and aimed it right at Troye's head before...

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