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tony wheels down the halls in her wheel chair. she is paler than the rest of the students and has dark circles under her eyes, she looks nearly dead. she's hooked up to an oxygen tank and looks thinner than a pencil. the students and teachers often wonders why she still tries, she wonders how someone couldn't. she feels if she gives up she might as well give up on living as well.

there are two boys who watch her wheel down the hall way. they admire her strength and beauty at the same time. one of them being calum hood the soccer captain. the other being michael clifford the mysterious bad boy of the school. you must be wondering why the two like tony of all people. well even with her frail appearance on the inside she is the toughest person is a 100 mile radius at least. she is quite nice and sweet and she usually keeps to herself because well, she doesn't want to get close to people just so they'll weep and mourn when she passes. even though these three people have no connection really and aren't friends something is about to change possibly for the better.

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