Chapter 1: The Beginning

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[Credit to ma lil bro for making most of this which I added on to and edited]

[Sorry it's a short chapter]

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Once upon a time in the morning of a beautiful day a man named Phillip woke up to bright day. As he got out of bed his wife Vanessa yawned and opened her eyes slightly,  

”Good morning” she moaned after waking up.  He replied with the same and kissed her on the cheek, she then got up slowly and they walked out to the lounge room in their long sleeve pajamas. As they walked out they saw everything was all over the floor. They were both in absolute shock, and just stood there for a second with there mouths open.

They both looked around confused and bewildered.

“I wonder what happened to the kitchen? Lets go and see if every room is like this” Said Phill. They went into they’re son Jimmy’s room to see if he was alright. They walked slowly and quietly in the room, just incase whoever messed it up was still there, but nobody was inside. They both began to panic and there faces quickly turned pale. They sprinted outside calling his name and found Jimmy playing with his ball. They were happy to see him and let out a sigh of relief.

“Good morning mate” they both shouted. He replied with a smile. But then suddenly Jimmy didn’t look happy at all. The asked what was wrong and he only replied with,

“I went into a spooky forest with my friend and we saw a horrifying creature. So I ran but my friend didn’t make it out and I think the monsters are going to start spreading out of the forest.”  Phill and Vanessa were confused. They started to ask questions like: When did you go? Why did you go in? Jimmy answered nothing. He was still in shock of what had supposedly happened.

Vanessa saw a bite mark in Jimmy’s leg and squealed, before telling Phill and gathering first aid equipment. Phill was in disbelief and confused by his child as Jimmy rarely lied, he decided to call Jimmy’s friend’s dad and ask.

“Hey is Barry there? Just wanted to ask about his son” said Phill into the phone

“Bloody hell were are you!? There are these giant friggen wolves everywhere, and I can’t find my son Sammy! I’m scared bro” he yelled into the phone. Phill explained the situation and Barry was almost in tears, then suddenly Phill shouted “Everyone listen! I am going to go in that forest and hunt them creatures and then try my hardest to get your son.“

“Thanks mate, I’ll look for him too, and I’ll call the police” said Barry as he hung up. Jimmy smiled but was scared for his dad. Vanessa disagreed of going into the forest. “What happens if you get stuck in with the creatures?” she wailed. “I don’t know,” replied Phill. “But I will be leaving first thing tomorrow so I’ll have to pack.” Said Phill. He packed a bottle of water, his bow that his dad made for him, arrows and a quiver, some food and a knife to cut through vines or attack.

As the day went on the more nervous Phill became. At dinner time he was practically shaking.

“Jimmy!” He said. “How many creatures did you see in that forest?”

“I saw one but I also seen big nest looking things so there is going to be a lot probably.” Answered his son, quite sure of himself. Phil became very quiet after hearing that.  At night he had nightmares of what the creatures are going to do to him if they get him and all of the movies he has seen doesn’t make it much more helpful. In the morning he woke up and leapt as high as a kangaroo out of bed and woke everyone up. He grabbed his bag and got Jimmy to lead him to the forest but as he walked out he got the daily newspaper and then his mouth dropped. His face went pale and it looked like he had just died.

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