Epilogue: Celebration

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Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.


Marco Orsini’s POV

It’s been exactly five weeks since my wife Francesca fell in the trap Nonna laid on us after or impromptu wedding in Las Vegas. After she ruthlessly used her tears to convince my wife to have the wedding she always wants for me.

So here I am standing at the altar of the cathedral in Rome waiting for my bride to walk down the aisle for our church ceremony with almost hundreds of guests in attendance inside the cathedral. Almost every pew was filled with guests.

“It’s not too late to run in the hills, file mou.” The sarcastic comment came from my side. I glanced dryly at the Greek man who was looking powerful in his tuxedo.

I shook my head in resignation. “Funny, Nikos. I am already married to my bride remember?”

“Oh, right.” The Greek billionaire reflected almost innocently. “You did marry her in Las Vegas over a month ago. I was there.” He threw a meaningful looked at our good friend the duke.

“Marco,” Lucca warned with a twitch of smile in his aristocratic face. “Kindly inform your friend over there to stop being an ass or I will smack that smirk off his handsome face.”

“Try me.” Nikos invited gamely, eyeing the duke with devilish glint in his pale blue eyes. “I am always a good fighter. Want to try? Just like old times in Harvard, file mou.”

“Will you stop that? Can you please behave this is my wedding. I don’t want you two idiots ruined it.” I told them with slight irritation. Really, making them as my best men was honestly a very bad idea.

Nikos gaped at my openly. “Can you hear yourself, Orsini? I can’t believe you will say something like that. Before you’re the mastermind in ruining someone’s wedding we attended. Who are you? Give back my friend.”

“How humorous, Nikos.” I said dryly. “When you don’t gossip about the events of my life to Lucca you try to be comedian.”

“Oh hell,” He muttered wryly. He shot a looked to Lucca. How I really want to punch him right now. “Why did you corrupt our good friend with your club?”

“My club?”

Nikos smirked. “Jealous husbands club.”

Lucca shook his head and said nothing. He happened to glance at his beautiful wife and he winked at her. Tatiana shook her head but pretty blush spread through her cheeks. Nikos made a sound of snort at the sweetness between the duke and his wife.

This man needs a woman in his life, I thought with a private smile.

At last, the wedding march sounded at the huge cathedral. The guests stood from the pews and look at the door. My wife who did not I saw since yesterday march down the aisle. My heart lurched at the sight of my very beautiful pregnant wife.

Last night they did this little party in the vineyard with her bridesmaids, her mother, Nonna and the duchess. They gave her something for a good luck they said. Something old: Francesca wore my grandmother’s veil on her wedding over fifty years ago. Something new: Lianna bought her only daughter a French lace wedding gown from Paris the gown accentuated her slight baby bump. Something borrowed: Tatiana lent her one of her tiaras. Something blue: My wife wore the sapphire jewelry set I bought her in Las Vegas in the night of our wedding. All in all, my Francesca looked radiant.

Finally, she arrived at the altar beside me. I took her hand and squeezed it slightly. She smiled in my direction and my heart melted.

“I love you,” I whispered to her softly.

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