Chapter 9

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"I'm afraid so" North said gravely, folding his hands together on his wooden oak desk. 

I kind of just sat there in shock. So technically, sulphigating could save our lives and the world and all the believing children. But sulphigating could also make either me or Jack lose our powers. Well isn't this just great.

"So both of us will lose our powers?" Jack double checked, face still pale. Damn, I hope he doesn't look as bad as I feel. Cause he sure looks like he's going to pass out. 

"Depends. If it's a really strong force, both of you will. If it's one of the weaker ones, only one of you will" He explained. 

"Is there any way we can make it so if it's just one of us losing our powers, it'll be Jack?"' I asked, somehow managing to sound totally serious. 

"Hey, that's not exactly nice...or fair" Jack added, frowning slightly as some colour start reappearing on his face. 

"There isn't and really Emma? That's pretty selfish" North shook his head, though I saw the twinkle of amusement in his kind eyes.

"I was joking," I sighed "Trying to lighten up the dark mood here"

"I mean, it's not like this isn't a serious matter or anything, us losing our powers and becoming a mor-"

"Wait, we'll become mortals?" I gasped.

"If we lose our powers, we lose our immortality...wasn't it kind of obvious?" Jack chuckled, though his eyes looked worried as well.

"I better leave you two to sort this out yourselves, it's alot of information to take in" North announced, standing up but then sitting back down. "But maybe you two should go outside, in case things get a little ah...chilly, in here" He chuckled softly, laughing at his own pun. I rolled my eyes as we stood up, but couldn't resist a quick smile.

We walked outside in silence, thinking about different things and musing over this new, rather life changing, information.

"I don't want to lose my powers...or...or you" I said quietly, staring determinedly at the frosty pure white ground. The crunches of our footsteps were the only source that broke our quietness, as the birds had probably migrated, everyone else inside discussing tactics. 

"I know, but I'd rather lose my powers then lose my sister...even though she can be an annoying brat" Jack teased lightly, nudging my shoulder. I managed a small soft laugh and  a quick smile at him before we fell back into silence.

"If...," I began, after hesitating, breaking the silence between us "if one of us lose our powers forever and become a mortal, everything will still be okay, right?"

"I'm...I'm not sure Em," Jack began, hesitating as well "I mean, it'll mean one of us will have to watch the other grow old and...and...and..."

He didn't need to finish the sentence for me to understand. 

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

"Sulphigating, is a weird word" Was the first thing Bunny said when we finished telling the others the new news. Everyone sprawled out in the newly made living room with cups of hot chocolate in their hands and all talking to each other made it seem like we were almost family.

"That's what I said" I smirked, trying not to show any fear on my face.

"I mean, sulph sounds like Soph, then gating sounds like dating. Soph dating" Bunny laughed, and I joined in, in an attempt to distract myself from the troubling thoughts in my head, and to try and lighten up the dense tension in the room. 

The crackling fire, the smell of firewood burning mixed with cups of hot chocolate with sweet marshmallows, the way that the living room had fresh new smelling carpet and golden striped walls with crystal balls decorating the small space above the fireplace, the way that the snow fell outside softly in different patterns and shapes out of the window like a Christmas card, the way that the new books we had purchased (after quite alot of bickering above which book to choose) were lined up against the Rosewood bookshelf, inviting us to lose ourselves in them into another world made it seem like it was just a typical night in a typical world with no worries.

But no, it was a tough complicated night, in a tough complicated unfair world, which was  full of worries and concerns, and tonight wasn't going to be an exception. 

"It's not fair" sweet little Tooth spoke up suddenly "It's not fair. That after a whole 301 years apart, you two have to be apart again. It's just not fair. What did you do to deserve this?"

"Life isn't fair'" Jack said quietly, looking back down at his cup of hot chocolate. Me and Jack didn't really need the warmth of the hot chocolate to keep us warm, cause our bodies were made to be immune to cold, like Elsa. But we just couldn't resist it, I mean come on, chocolate.

"But...if we want to stay together, as family, as guardians, forever...can't you guys just not use sulphigating ever again?" Elsa sighed, rubbing her temple slightly. I knew what Jack was going to say before he actually said it. And I'm sure everyone else did too, seeing their grim faces.

"We'll need to use it again sometime. To save someone. What if it was someone we loved, someone we cared about? What if the world was depending on us? What if it was the only way to stop Pitch?" The last sentence struck me,  all of us and Elsa nodded, though she looked slightly upset.

If it was the only way to stop Pitch...

I glanced Jack's way again, his figure composed and his face looking troubled. So many believing children will be depending on us, not to mention the rest of the guardians, and it was our job.

If it was the only was to stop Pitch...we'd do it, no matter the cost.

 Well damn gurl, you want to seriously become a boring mortal (like moi haha) just to save a couple million childrens? Sigh, you weirdo.


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