i think i meet my mrs right

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rocs pov

i think to myslef i think i might be fallin for this girl she is eveything i have whanted i think as i get ready to cam with my crush tonight i put on my best pair of jeans and a cool graphic tee and my gold chain and snapback i hope she likes me cus i am taking a likeing to her.

brooks pov

i wonder of he likes me cuz i am likeing him i say as i put my hair in a side bun ad put on lipglass i change into a graphic crop top and high wasted shorts and put a bow in my hair i call roc on skype i look at him he looks nervice then he said brook can i tell you something before we start chat yea what is it roc i think i am falling for you and i was hoping you felt the same way as i do omg roc i was just thinking how i was falling for you erlyer so brook will u be my girlfrend yes roc i though this would only happen in my dreams i have been crushing on u since i was 13 you are the frist guy who likes me for me and not cuz i own a bunch of expenive things.

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