Chapter Ten

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Katniss POV

How long has it been? Tracker-jacker venom is making me lose my mind! I don't know what date it is, I don't even know what day it is! I cant even tell what's real or not. How many times have i woken up, without Peeta's strong, but gentle arms to support me? Or his soothing voice that keeps away the monsters of the night that haunt me every time my eyes close?

The tears shed down my face and my scowl remains planted firmly on my face. My head rolls to the side and my eyes close. I imagine my life if this hadn't happened. Peeta and I just about to finish school, helping him write his end of year speech, i smile. Of course he would be writing one, he is top of the class in everything. but i mainly just see us happy. Together. But eventually reality pulls me back. My eyes open and I notice a small bump under the carpet, barely noticeable, but still there. I pull myself towards it and use a sharp piece of my handcuffs to cut the carpet and see a trap door with an old steel handle.

I quickly check that the coast is clear, and take a deep breath before jumping in, its not like I had anything to lose. My feet wave around until they reach a hard bottom, my ankle rolls, and i have to bite into my hand to stop myself from screaming. My eyes squint down the deep dark hole. I somehow find myself crawling, sheerly out of curiosity.

After a couple of meters of careful crawling. I hear a loud bang come from above me, suddenly my heart is beating a million times a minute.


"uh-uhh I uh don't know, Sir."


The sound of Snow's hand hitting Seneca's flesh burns through my ears. Keep moving, just keep moving. my next few steps are followed my more shouting and hitting but the one thing dreaded to hear makes its way to my ears.


My eyes widen into the size of plates. go, go! GO! My hands and knees move at the speed of lightening and behind me I hear the loud thud of Snow hitting the ground. there is no turning back now, if he catches me he will kill me for sure.

My hand slips on the end of the tunnel. Snow starts to catch up to me. I start panicking, look at the huge hole that stands before me. I have no clue what could be in there... but before I have more time to think he grabs the back of my foot, pulling me back. My hands grab the rounded edge of the tunnel, clinging on for dear life. My brain flashes to how Peeta would feel if he saw me right now, would he be angry? sad? or even happy? I know how he would feel, disappointed. He would say, 'Katniss, please baby, try harder, i love you, I miss you! please.' and that's what I do.

I look back behind me and say.

"You know what, Snow? YOU ARE A REAL PAIN IN MY ASS!"

I push myself as hard as I can knowing there is nothing I can do right now, except escape his grip. which unfortunately leads me to fall off the edge and plunge into darkness.


My awakening comes not long after, Inside a dark but not unseeable darkness, my head starts spinning but the only reason there could be any light is sunlight. A grin tugs at my lips and I look for the source of the light. My hands feel around for some kind of weak spot in the ceiling almost instantly a piece of dirt crumbles and light falls into the tunnel, I pug my self into another tunnel that is so bright that it burns my eyes, the smell of fresh air in my nose. I'm so close I can hear the birds chirping my hands crawl weakly up the small hill. until I reach the top.

I scan the woods i front of me and see the kidnap house about 300 meters in front of me (984 ft)

I'm finally free.

I slowly drag myself out of the hole making sure no one can see me. once I have crawled out of sight, I get up and run as fast I can, with a dislocated ankle, and navigate myself out of the woods.

I know them pretty well actually. I'm surprised that if they knew as much as they said they did, they didn't know how often I came to the woods as a child, with my father that's the only way I know how to navigate myself out, he taught me to use the sun as a compass.

My tears shed silently and I slowly make my way out of the woods, looking behind me every now and then to check.

The sensation of finally being free after months of solitary confinement and watching Delly die in front of me... But I try not to dwell on that, it will slow me down.

I see the edge of town and people gather around me. I hear such things as.

'its that girl, the one on the news every night!'

'Is that Katniss'


They all try to help me but I push them aside I have come this far I'm not going to stop because of a few people. I need to find my bread boy.

The bakery is close to me only a few meters away! I ignore the searing pain in my ankle and everywhere else. and I push myself further. but I hear something coming from inside.

I know you're somewhere out there, somewhere far away, I want you back, I want you back...

This breaks my heart, but I can't help but wonder why Peeta never told me he could sing!

I push past the door and run as fast as I can up the stairs. I walk to the orange door and push it open and see Peetas sleep deprived eyes tearing up as he strums the guitar. I smile.

"That's a really pretty song."

His eyes widen and...

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