In the beginning Chapter 1

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Have you ever felt like you don't belong? or that your life is meant to be different but you don't know why? I get this feeling a lot well every day actually.

Ever since I can remember I've felt this way, I look out my window and see things differently from Everybody else. I see snow fall on summer days and faces in the sky. some times I look out and I can even hear the wind call my name... I know I know I'm crazy but I can't shake the feeling that I was never meant for this plain old boring life I live. I'm not ungrateful it's just..... I don't know it's a feeling I've always had.... always.


I'm just standing there. Looking down upon the city. there's houses and buildings that almost reach the clouds... almost.

It feels like I'm just floating there, I look around to see clouds all around me.

I jump from a distant scream, I look around to see where it's coming from... but I start falling from my standing point, above me I see a woman reaching out to grab me.

She was truly beautiful. long brown hair and bright yellow eyes with golden flakes.

She's yelling at me telling me to come back but I can't.... I'm trying and trying but I'm falling faster and faster I can't get up. I start to scream, but it all goes black.


'Bringg bringg' I'm woken by the annoying sound of my alarm clock. Oh how I hate mornings.

I crawl out of bed, dreading going to school oh how I hate school.

I turn the shower on and look in the mirror. I have light blue eyes with flakes of purple in them... weird I know. I have long blonde hair and pure pink lips.

I have naturally tanned skin and quite a little body frame.

I wouldn't say I'm perfect but I'm happy with the way I look.

I hop in the shower and think about my dream, it's always the same apart from the city I'm standing over. I shake off the weird vibes that the dream brings and wash my hair.

Today's going to be a good day..... I hope.

I jump out the shower and put on my cheerleader uniform.

I know what your thinking.

Ummm a cheerleader?

well I have A strong passion for gymnastic and the school doesn't have a gymnastics team so this was my only option.

I put on some Mascara and run down stairs grabbing my bag on the way.

"Good morning mum" I say in a bubbly way. "Hey hunny how was your sleep" I take a apple and say" sorry mum no time for chit chat I'm late already, have a great day and I'll see you tonight love ya" I half yelled out the door.

So this is the every day life of me, Erica smith a girl who's highest hopes are some day living this little town.

I'm in my last year of school and it's my 18 birthday tomorrow.

Did I forget to mention my life is extremely boring or did you really get that?

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