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'The Buchanan Conspiracy'

by @SebbyInAFlowerCrown


Steve is being forced into a blind date (oooh, awkward) by Clint and Natasha (who else?).

What he doesn't know is that this perfect match for him has a dark secret following her around.

And I mean, literally following her around.

I'd tell you more but...

...You're just going to have to read the story yourself to find out what happens.

Chaper One

To: Bruce

From: Steve

Clint and Natasha have forced me onto a blind date. How do they keep doing this?!

To: Steve

From: Bruce

Because you're too nice to say 'no'?

To: Bruce

From: Steve

Not helping, Bruce. -_- Should I go?

To: Steve

From: Bruce

What have you got to lose?

To: Bruce

From Steve

Supposedly my balls if I don't. At least, that's what Natasha said. :P

Steve stared at his computer, contemplating what to write. He was logged into his Wattpad Account. Damn, he loved Wattpad, some of the stories he read on there were amazing! What he loved about it was that he could ask people for advice and they gave it to him. Although, that was probably just because he was Captain America. He began to type away at the keys, biting his lip as he typed out the words:

Blind Date Tonight. Should I go?

There was an instant reply.


Go on your date. If you don't like it. Still go on your date. But make it awkward so that you can go home earlier. Hahah was that too mean?

He was typing back, just a simple message saying 'Thank You for the advice' and that was when all of his insecurities started leaking into the reply.

 Really? Does that work? Well, I'm going tonight...maybe things will be ok. Do want want me to let you know what happens? Should I get her flowers? Or chocolate? What flowers should I get? What chocolates should I buy? What if I like her and she doesn't like me? Do I tell her that I'm Captain America? What if she wants to kiss me? What if I want to kiss her? Help!


Woah, woah! Chill dude! Yes, please tell me! Yes give her both flowers and chocolates. You decide what brand! That's impossible! She will totally love you! Don't tell her that you're Capt. America, protect your identity. Otherwise, she'll obviously take a picture of you both and then post it on instagram and say 'I'm on a date with Captain America!' then, if she wants to kiss you, that's you're problem. HAHAHAHA! Then, if you want to kiss her, then it's still you're problem. The important thing is to enjoy your date. BTW, shouldn't we be asking YOU for advice? HaHaHa, GOOD LUCK!

Well, that replier was very helpful. The Avenger grinned at the computer screen. It looked like he had a date to get ready for.

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