6. Wedding With No Engagement

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Jack's P.O.V

Elsa stands there with a puffy snow dress. Ooo this is my real sexshay babe.

I'm wearing a tuxedo. And this guy of the name Kristoff is my groom helper thingie.

I smile at him. Who the heck is he anyways? I'm just being nice to him for readers to think we've met before.

But really, he can't see the future king of Araindelle. Or is it Arendelle?

The music starts and Elsa flies her way down the aisle. Because she has to.

I carry her and ignore the guy who makes us both become one.

"I do!!!" Me and Elsa scream together. Then we make out.

Anna's 7 year old son who appears so suddenly in 2 days comes with the rings.

Elsa puts the ring in my ring finger. I do the same to her.

Then we fly away to my wife's ice palace, where we have icy tea.

And make out.

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