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Warning this book is Australian and it had a lot of Aussie slab in it so if you want to fully understand the text you might want to learn some Aussie slang ok.also in Australia also not edited so don't expect the punctuation to be any good.

'See ya later guys' said I waving with a wild grin the I turned my head and started to walk out of the tall navy blue gates and walked across the road and through the short cut all the way home. there was My half built house and my dad on the top of it with a hose watering it so the slab wouldn't dry to quick 'hey rubs' my dad said looking really happy the i said smiling 'hey dad how you been?' Then just as I was going to hop in the caravan when mum showed up in grandmas old caravan grandma had just left pop and was using him to pay bills pop was fixated on that she was right even she had gone I hoped in the tiny cramped car with my sis archer and my mum Louise ' hey Archie do you want to come with us or stay with dad ' said mum smiling ' I think I'll stay with dad' replied archer as she got out of the car ' I wish I had that option' said I looking away mum looked surprised 'ruby don't hate it or it will just become worse' mum said with a lecture face then we drove of to the beach, honestly we could of walked but there was stuff we needed in the car so we drive. literally twenty seconds later we were at the beach with our friends ' hey Tia what you doing?' I said with a happy sound in my voice ' yea just got dressed outa my school uniform.' Tia replied.

Before we started I saw a surfer out in the ocean but nothing was happening so I just ignored him ' okay girls what we have to do today is fifty straight punches then you run back and forth then you come back here and to fifty uppercuts are we clear' said mum like she was a general of the army so we started mum had already done training so she didn't have to do it. Twenty-five minutes in to the work out I noticed the surfer wasn't out there any more then I felt something hit my leg it felt kings waxy but also sharp then I looked down and saw a wight surfboard my eyes opened i looked out to to see if I could see the surfer, then I noticed a hand waving but I couldn't see a head I dropped pulled off my sting boxing gloves and ran into the water ' ruby were are you going !?' mum shouted worried ' I have to save him!' I shouted back ripping my T-shirt and pants off so I could swim better once I got deep enough I dived and swum out to wear the surfer was all I could see was the blue sea water then I got to when I saw him last. I looked around all I could see was the shore and the sea so I knew where he must of been. I dived strait down further and further then I saw him he had passed out I grabbed him by his wrist and swam up to the surface with him. i burst through the sea ocean water a gasping for air and pulling the boy up 'what the hell mate don't you know your surfing in the giant rip Ay!' the boys eyes opened a little and then passed out again ' oh come on mate wake up' said I shaking him violently. then I had the most stupid idea that might just work i closed my eyes and pressed my lips against the boys, the boys eye lids crumpled then opened then opened wider then I pushed and looked away 'okay dude can you swim because we need to make it to the shore,' he blinked a couple of times then shouted 'who the hell are you?and why were you kissing me?!' I sighed the looked at him straight in the eyes serious 'okay mate before I answer that can you tell me why, you were surfing in the middle of a giant rip on the rocks no less ay!?' then I looked away and started to swim in the across from The rip then the boy shouted 'ok dude why are your swimming in the wrong direction!' I sighed and swum back 'your a surfer wright, so you should be able to see rips, and know what to do when your in one right?' Said I expecting a good answer then the surfer said 'wright ha, so what do you do?' I slapped my forehead then shouted at him ' your a surfer how do not know. any way we'll discuss this later follow me okay,' I said thinking he's some surfer so I swum across from the shore and then I thought I would swim to the shores but someone was drowning again 'oh my goodness how many times can you drown in one day?' Said I sarcastically then swam back down to the drowning idiot and pulled him up to the surface then shook him a couple time 'come on mate wake up,' said I tiredly. he didn't wake up so I my key gripped his arm and I swum us both to the shore. 'ruby are you okay?!' Asked mum worriedly chewing her fingernails and the others helping the me and the guy out of the water. once we were out of the water and on dry land I realised something 'oh mate my phone I broken,' said I extremely annoyed and pulling my phone out of my soaked pocket and watching the salt water drip out of my phone then I got up and walked off with my hands in my pockets 'oh and also can someone triple zero?'.

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