Something New ?

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I wonder when will I get tried of this bitch and dispose of this bitch.

Never was the type to hold on for to long, just like fucking with out attachments, no calls or texts just so this bitch won't get to attached.

Never fully pronounced the word love because some how the L burnt at my lips like acid.

The O snatched my breathing out my thoart into disappearance.

The V twisted and turnt my soul making my conscience nonexistent

The E, well I never got to that one.

So I just sit back and wait for the next one .

Its funny because I could say sex, fuck, want, and every word that realated to intimacy.

I could see her legs escaping from her jeans and shirt resisting her body but I hope she knows this is a one night thing.

I hope she knows that my words are pleaseant temporialy so it could be easy undressing her body.

I hope she knows once I get her in my bed her name fades from my memory and once she scream its like I'm playing for a soccer team because my goal has been achieved.

Once I become satisfied I begin to want something new and become on some out with old in with the new.

Because I get tired of bitches sweating me, texting me, calling me, stalking me Saying how I fucked they mind too.

I wonder did these bitches blame themselves too.

Cause you bitches be so vulnerable.

Throwing pussy at me like a game at a carnival.

I decided to not recycle you bitches

Just replace you bitches with something new.

Bj Lj

|Atlanta P.O.V |

"King, Im falling in love with you." She said and my body went stiff.

Love? I wasn't ready for that. I didnt speak and she didn't say anything either. She pulled me back to her laying back on my chest.

I just sat and thought about the word love. I really rarely heard that word but I never spoke that stupid ass word out my mouth. I didn't exactly believe in "love". I felt like love was made out to be so blissful but what about the sacrifices that a person had to make before it got to that. The struggles, the hurt, the pain, what about when you endured that. I was way too familiar with those words and feelings, I didn't want to feel a ounce of that again.

I begin to think how I changed so much in so little time. I had abandoned my golden rule that I vowed to myself "never fuck the same girl twice." I fucked Dynasty twice and if I went any further it wouldn't be the last. I sighed I don't think I'm ready for love, I'm not ready to struggle, get hurt and endure pain again. I especially didn't want to over no bitch I had met that was fucking my bestfriend also. I shut my eyes I was thinking to much because I was beginning to get upset.

"Atlanta you don't have to say anything, I didn't expect you too." she said breaking me out my thoughts. She was fully up and was looking at me with eyes that looked so sadened.

"Promise me something." I said shutting my eyes trying to block out the images of her and money fucking and trying to keep my composure from anger.

"Anything." She said quickly lacing our fingers.

"Promise me that you won't give up on me." I said truthfully. I didn't know when me and Dynasty was going to be together but I just knew it would happen in due time and I knew I was liable to break her heart as we endured this journey and I needed to know that she'll still be here.

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