No one's POV

EXO's van finally came to their dorm, it was more like a penthouse than a dorm. they saw Sooyoung leaning against her car, listening to music. Kai went inside, he was having a really bad day

"Summer" they all called out causing her to look in their way. "hi guys" she said. "what are you doing here?" Luhan asked. "I'm waiting for Lay and Chen to go my house" she replied

"where do you even live?" Xiumin asked, dang it Xiumin, think of a lie, just think of a lie she thought

"Umm at my own apartment of course" Sooyoung laughed nervously. just then Minho and Kris came out of their dorm. "Minho-ssi, what were you doing in our dorm?" Kyungsoo asked.

"oh um Kris had to change. since we have dates today and we're going to the same place, we're gonna go on a double date. so.. yeah" he awkwradly replied

"so where's your apartment?" Suho asked, he was a bit of suspicious about Sooyoung's actions. "uhmm close to the palace-mansion where we're going. right guys?" Sooyoung looked at Minho for help. "yes, this girl right here is very rich. she afforded her own apartment" he said as she pat her back

"I thought you don't know each other?"

MInho and Sooyoung were silent. "her mom!" Minho suddenly exclaimed "her mom, works for my mom"

"the queen?"


"her rich mom works for the queen?"

"... yes. you know, her paycheck is a lot"

Finally, Lay and Chen are done. "What took you guys so long?" Sooyoung asked, "Chen almost took the whole room" Lay said. "come on my GF is waiting" Kris whined and got in to the car

"wait, where you guys going to stay?" Suho asked and pointed to Lay and Chen

"with Summer" they both said in unison, they all stared at the both of them in disbelief. "so... her apartment?" Chen looked at Soyooung with a raised eyebrow. "just go with it" Sooyoung mouthed

"yeah pretty much"

"are you seriously living with my gf" Baekhyun said, "woah Summer is not you gf" Lay said


after they picked up Yuri and Jessica, they all searched for Minho and Sooyoung's parents

they went to their room and the first thing they saw, is their Dad holding a black suit. they were surprised because their Dad never wore black because he's not fond of it, he much preferred Grey or blue

"wow, Dad's black suit, who died?" Minho joked, and everyone snickered, Their dad looked at them and answered "you mom's uncle"

they all stop at stared at him with wide eyes. is he being serious? "awkward~" Kris muttered. "kids were going to your uncle's funeral at wolf land followed by continuous business trips" the queen said

"wait, daid isn't a wolf. how could he enter wolf land?" Sooyoung asked, "there's this thing called magical necklaces, duh" the king rolled his eyes

"Speaking of wolves. Kris opppa has some explaining to do" Soyooung said as she pushed Kris forward. "what?" Kris was confused. "well, since you're a wolf now!" Sooyong exclaimed. "What?!"

Jessica looked into Kris' eyes and gasped. "oh my god! Kris! you are a wolf!"

"oh my gosh Kris" Lay said, "dude your finally a wolf" Chen said jumping up and down, Kris suddenly smiled. "h-how?" Kris asked, it was hard for him to believe anything but still he was excited

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