Chapter Two

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Chapter Two

Alynn from Eastland Primary School

Do you know who I am? Yes, you should be.

Because I had a population of at least 70% in the school are my... haters. Whether they were the discreet ones or quite the obvious that took the leads, they were just everywhere in the school.

It all started when I got transferred after my dad had moved us from our old neighborhood. We moved into a bigger apartment that consisted of two living rooms, two bathroom, three bedrooms, one kitchen and a study room. My dad drove a white Porsche every day to work. Side track to that, he actually dropped me at the school lobby before leaving for work. Well, technically, I shouldn't require that because my house was five minutes walking distance from school. So, I presumed that I had added this to the list of why they hated me.

Then, I came in first day of school, distributing sweets and biscuits to everyone. It took them one week to spread the 'hate Alynn' disease to the whole class. I thought maybe my PR skills had gone the wrong way as well. That is most probably another one added onto the list.

Since Eastland Primary School was a famous school in the neighborhood, many parents had fought their ways to get their children in. And surprisingly, I just got admitted easily without queues or any extra effort from my parents. My mother just submitted my application and the school accepted me after one week. Probably, this had also added on to the list.

However, the list didn't stop at that.

I wasn't buttering anyone from the girls' gang in my class. Since the girls' gang consists of mostly prefects in our school, they sort of being treated like the 'royalties' among their so-called commoners school mates.  And I couldn't care less about their authority. So I should presume that this was also another one in the list.

What else?

"We have a few names on the list that had given very generous donation to the National Kidney Foundation" The speaker, Mr. Ng was our Head of Department for English. He had been very active with the charitable work in school so the principal assigned him to take the donations being collected from our school.

Most of the generous donators would be given the credit in front of the students. This was actually a motivation for others to give more donations. It was helping the needy so I approached my father for the easiest and biggest donations that I could find.

"Alynn from Class 5C, donated five hundred"

Stares turned towards me. Their cumulative jealousy could almost drown me. I chuckled under my breath, "Another one in the list"

"Woah, five hundred" Eyes widened in disbelief as my only girl friend, Emilia whispered to me.

I smiled, "That's from my dad. Not me."

Emilia nodded as she continued, "What about your brother?"

"Same" I flipped at my storybook that I had been obsessed with, Enid Blyton's.

I had a collection like at least ten of it back home. The wordings were easy to read and I loved the book covers. They are in hard materials that I can displayed on my bookshelves.  But of course, I loved the stories. It's unlike those that you see from the Disney princess stories. Since I thought novels shouldn't be overshadowed with too much fairytales, unicorns and rainbow. So Enid Blyton's was my cup to tea.

"Hey" Then, Ling Ling walked over.

I turned my head up at the slut. She was one of the girls' gang. The most irritable one of all. She didn't held a prefect position which made her an ultimate bootlicker to the girls' gang. Probably, that was the reason why they were very happy to kept her close enough in the gang. 

"What?" Annoyed at the sudden intrusion of my private time, I frowned at her.  

"Do you need to let the whole world know that you donated five hundred for NKF?"

I smirked at her words. Obviously, the reaction of those overwhelming jealousy had to happen.

"You need to show off about it like some hypocrites?"

I stood up, pointed on her collar bone. "Watch your words"

She didn't let it off. "I really can't stand your arrogance. So what if you donated five hundred? It does not mean that you are better than anyone of us!"

I raised my eyebrow as I smirked, "So you think I am better than anyone of you."

I let out a smile, "Thank you for the compliment" Eyes turned back to my book as I continued my reading.

"HEY, I BET YOUR MOTHER WAS A WHORE TO GET THAT MONEY FOR YOU TO DONATE" She screamed at the top of her voice.

I threw the book on the floor; stood up again with ferocious glares. "Nobody mess with my family"

My hand held her collar as I pulled her up from the ground. She choked on her breath as she started coughing. I felt the adrenaline to raise her even higher. Linda dashed over, trying to pull me off but I was too strong for her.

"Alynn, I am commanding you to let her go!" Linda wailed hopelessly.

My eyes turned towards her as my hands still grabbed Ling Ling's collar high, "Nobody can command me to do anything."

I breathed in deeply as my anger grew even deeper, "Bitch, did your parents taught to insult others when you are feeling inferior towards them?"

Eyes continued to look at the girl that was helpless in my grips.  She kept coughing.

"I'm asking you" I raise her collar even higher as she refused to talk. Her mouth was shut tight in resistence to admit her wrong.

"I..." Then her tears slided down as her eyes reddened in despair.

"Apologize" I gulped down my saliva while I pulled her collar tighter to me.

Her cheek flushed, "I'm... sorry"

"To who?" I frowned at her apology.


I nodded in acknowledged but my grip didn't lose out, "For what reason?"

Linda stamped on her feet, "She had apologized. Let her go!"

Eyes turned back to Linda while my grip didn't loosen a bit, "I'm talking to her, not you"

"I...." Ling Ling's broken voice tried to piece up a response to my request, "shouldn't... insult... your mom."

I smiled in satisfaction. I let go of the grip as I watched her fell on the floor hard with tears overwhelming. Linda approached her, pulling her up before she confronted me with angry stares. "I will let the Discipline Master know"

I shrugged my shoulder while I folded my arms, "No problem"

Well, of course that bitch did complain to the Discipline Master...

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