Chapter 8 - Handsy

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Paige's POV

I grabbed the food out of the oven and got two paper plates for Emily and I.

"You look really good in that shirt." Emily teased.

"Yeah well get a good look cause your sweaters going over it soon." I smirked.

"Party pooper!" She laughed. I sat the plates beside each other and kissed her.

"Alright, be quiet and eat."

"Okay." She said reaching towards my legs.

"Emily Fields! I'll going to tie your hands together, now eat your dinner!" She stared at me while I ate. I grabbed an eggroll and told her to open.

"You're a tease." Emily frowned. She opened her mouth and bit a piece off.

"So what did Alison say?" I asked trying to get her mind off of sex.

"She's still psycho. So get this, she acts like we never fought when I went over. Like everything was all fine and dandy! I finally got her shirt up far enough to see the cut." Emily mumbled.

"You took her shirt off?" I choked. That was so not the plan.

"No no! I raised up her shirt sleeve. Anyway she claims it was a temper tantrum. She was jealous because she saw you and I last night." I raised an eyebrow and laughed.

"Please do me a favor. Please." I begged giving her puppy dog eyes.

"What babe?"

"Please invite her over tonight!" I felt kind of guilty for this because it was suppose to be drama free but I bet the girls would get a kick out of a jealous Alison.

"You hate her, and she called you names and made you suicidal! What are you thinking!" Emily yelled.

"I'm thinking....." I grinned telling Emily the plan.


Everything was all set up. We had a small fire going in Emilys backyard and chairs sitting around it. We had already called all of her friends running the idea by them before even calling Ali. All of them sounded thrilled, not because they would be in the presence of Alison tonight but because they couldnt wait to see her faulter. No one saw her as a human anymore, and to hear she had a weakness was just too good to not see.

Hanna and Caleb arrived first.

"Are they here!" Hanna screamed.

"Jeeze Han, calm down." Emily said raising an eyebrow.

"Sorry, I'm just hyper."

"Have you two been drinking again?" Emily asked biting her lip.

"No, and we wont be tonight either. We brought the alchol though, you all please enjoy it. Caleb cant keep it at his place anymore." Hanna explained.

I grabbed a Smirknoff iced. Aria, Spencer, and Toby all showed up together.

"Is she here?" Aria whispered.

"Not yet, soon!" I smiled.

"McCullers, I like you." Spencer said poking my side. Everyone was so pleased with my idea. Alison had tourtured us all in the past, and taking the high road just wasnt satisfying any of us anymore.

"Will you all wait for Ali? I'm gonna go get Em."

I walked out back to where Emily was sitting alone.

"Its kind of cold out here." I smiled at her sitting down next to her on the blanket.

"Oh yeah?" She smiled looking around.

"Take your hoodie off." She said staring at me.

"Uh...didnt I just say-"

"Their all inside babe, they cant see us, please." Emily begged. Who can resist that. I could tell she was tipsy by her public boldness. I played with the him of my hoodie and smiled. Emily grabbed it by the bottom and raised it over my head.

"Well someones handsy tonight!" I joked. Emily moaned lightly.

"You really are cold." She groaned staring at my chest. I leaned in to her ear.

"Maybe its not just that." I whispered. She held my head next to her and sucked on my neck.

"Baby." I moaned out. She looked at the backdoor and noticed everyone was still in her living room where we couldnt see them. She reached under my shirt and cupped my breast. She started to raise my shirt up.

"Emily, baby, were outside! Worse, all your friends are here!" I laughed throwing her hoodie back over me. I layed on her lap for a while and she was rubbing my stomach under my shirt.

"I love you." I smiled up at her.

"I love you too McCullers. Listen, would it be rude to just take you upstairs and fu-"

"How much have you had to drink Fields!" I yelled getting up and dragging her with me.

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