Part 18

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Haii Guys!

So I think this will be short. I just think ok? AHAHAHA I'm just veryyyyyyyy busy Ughhh

But anyways :)

Oh btw, Andre is a 17 year old guy.


Ellie's POV

We stopped for a minute because Sean here accidentally lost his footing.

Andre: What now?

"I don't know. I guess we wait for Sean."

Jason: There's a washroom over there. your foot is slightly bleeding I'll help you clean up.

Andre: And in the meantime, Why don't you clean up Ellie?

"Uhhh sure." I do look like shit.

I followed Jason to where the washroom were. They went in the boy's room and I went inside the girl's.

I opened the stalls and there were no people. "Ahhh good"

I opened the faucent and to my suprise, There was water. I took my soft towel and put a little bit of water and rubbed it slightly on my face.

I put it back in my bag and looked at the mirror to see a not slightly shitty girl.

"Hmm. Better"

I took my bag and walked off. I saw Sean and Jason over by the grass with Andre.

I walked to them but once i get to the middle of the road..

I saw a Car going to fast to me. Oh shit..

Jason and Sean saw me and the car.

Sean: ELLIE!!

I tried moving fast but my leg got hit..

Eveyrthing went blurry..

I could hear Sean, Jason & Andre's shouting and voices and another 2 adult voices..

The last hing i heard was..

Ellie.. Please don't be hurt..


I was spending my time with Kenneth when I was 8..

"Kenneth! Kenneth! Look!"

Kenneth: What is it hun?

I pointed to kenneth at the cute kittens. I want one!

"Kenneth can i have one? Pleaseee?"

Kenneth: I'm sorry Hun. But we need more food so we can have one. We don't always have supplies ok hun? 


~*2 years later*~

I had an encounter with one of my friends weeks ago. But She died saving me.

Kenneth: Hey.. Are you okay?

"I don't know.."

Kenneth put his arm around me. 

Kenneth: It's okay. She's in a better place now.

"Yeah.. She is.."

Kenneth: Look, I don't know how long I will survive but promise me, You will survive with good people okay? Don't be with bad people.

"Okay. But please don't go anywhere or please don't die for me. Promise me that.."

Kenneth: Okay. Now wanna go eat?

"Sure. Let's go"


Wazzup Bacons?

So I hope you answered my quetions last time I really wanna know because I was soo boredd..

On August 30, I will be going to school at 1pm to meet up with my classmate. In our Dance club, Ma'am told us to create or be creative on our project which was to make a dance. Not a folk dance. It's either a normall dance or Hiphop. I choose HipHop <3

I got inspired by Chachi Gonzales. She's so Beautiful and cute & amazing when it comes to dancing. She even did the ALS Ice Bucket challange and donated too.

So at Monday we'll be teaching the other member of our group. Actually there was only 3 of us so yeah xD

But anyways Hope you Bacons liked it, Leave a comment and a Vote if you want to suggest something or whatever you want to say :)

Lot's of Love and Kisses :*


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