Chapter 19: Getting Ready

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The final bell rings and I go to Tobias's car. At lunch, the guys were asked to perform tonight as well as the girls and their band 'DareDevils'. Then I see the guys all headed this way. They're also coming with Tobias because they are going straight to Tobias's house. They took their suits over this morning.

"Hey Tris! You riding with us?" Uriah asks.

"Yeah, do you mind?" I say.

"Not at all." Tobias says.

"I call shotgun!" Zeke yells.

"No way Zeke, Tris gets shotgun. You three in the back." Tobias says. I smile at the other three and hop into the front with Tobias. He has one hand on the steering wheel and is holding my hand with the other. I turn on the radio and I hear the song 'Radioactive' by Imagine Dragons come on. I sing along and when I reach the chorus the Tobias sings along with me. At the end, the boys cheer.

"Well wasn't that just adorable!" Uriah says in a weird accent. Tobias works the car in his drive and we step out. I walk over to him and hug him.

"I'll pick you up at 6:50, sound ok?" He asks me.

"Sounds brilliant." I say with a smile. I kiss him on the cheek and walk over to my house.

"Bye Tris!" I hear the guys yell in sync. I giggle.

"Bye guys!" I yell back. I get out my keys and open the door. I see a note taped to the elevator.


We have had to go away on business. Unfortunately we will be gone until the end of your senior year. We will send money each month and call you once in a while to check up on you. You're free to have parties and sleepovers as long as you clean up! Don't get into any trouble with the press whilst we're gone.

Mom and Dad x

Ok. That's fine, I'm used to not seeing them a lot anyway. My dad is always working, not that I can blame him. And my mom is always being sought out by famous actors and actresses and singers. This will be fun, the gang can come over whenever we want now. I take the note off of the elevator and head up to my room.

I set the note on my desk and go into my closet to change. I put on some sweats and a white crop top until the girls arrive. I walk back out and see the guys doing something in Tobias's room. I can't see what they're doing but it doesn't look like video games. It looks like they're showing each other something.

"Hey what're you guys doing?" I ask them. Looks of panic show across their faces.

"Nothing, just discussing Christmas present ideas." Uriah says. Okay?

"Okay. If you say so." I say.

"Hey babe? What colour tie do I need?" Tobias asks me.

"A white one would probably be good." I tell him as he probably doesn't have a light blue one that would match my dress.

"Okay sounds good." He says. I look over at the clock and see that it's 3:45. I sit down at my desk and start on my maths homework. It is seriously easy, I finish in 20 minutes. Just then I hear Zeke speak up.

"How did you do that so fast?!" He asks me.

"Skill?" I say back.

"You're really smart Tris!" Tobias tells me

"Thanks." I say and wink at him. The clock shows 4:10 so I go upstairs to my piano and play for a while.

"The snow glows white on the mountain tonight
Not a footprint to be seen
A kingdom of isolation,
And it looks like I'm the queen.

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