Chapter 5

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Hi guys! Sorry for not updating for so many days but I was not keeping well. Well here's the fifth chapter!

Me : Hey Thalia, do you like the dress I'm wearing? It's a seventy year old one.

Thalia : It's not bad. So tell me, did you make it?

Me : .........

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On with the chapter!

Thalia's P.O.V. :

There. I admitted it. I, the daughter of Zeus, was afraid of heights. What would Nico say? Would he laugh at me? "Thals, it's OK to be afraid of heights. But you have got to come up that tree."

Yea OK, maybe it was not as bad as I thought. But I cannot climb up that tree. It's huge. And by huge I mean HUGE! "Nico, I-I cant. It's too high for me. "  He looked at me with those beautiful dark brown eyes of his. I could see concern in them but I also saw trust. Confidence. And love? Love? 

" Hey Thals, do you trust me? " I looked into his eyes. "Yes." " Do you trust me enough to let me help you up the tree?" He asked with doubt in his eyes. Yep. I trusted him. I knew that he would never let me go . " Yes". 

The tension on his face was gone and was replaced by a goofy grin that I had grown to love. " So what are we waiting for? Lets go." 

Without Nico, I would never have been able to do it. He went up first and stretched out his hand. I took it and he pulled me up. I looked down. Oh my gods ! I'm going to faint! I can't do it." Thals, hey Thals, I know you can do it. Trust me Thals. I would never let you fall. Never."

That's all I needed. Come on Thalia. You can do this. Slowly and gradually, with Nico's help, I went up. Up. Up. Ugh. This tree is annoyingly tall. At last Nico pulled me up to what looked like a platform.

I sat down. Ooh! That was tiring. All I was thinking about was how to get down this thing. "You did it Thals! " I like the way he calls me Thals. Wait. Are you falling for this guy Thalia? I think I am. But you are a Hunter Thalia. A Hunter! I never thought I'd ever face a day when I'd regret my choice of becoming a hunter.

"Hey Thalia. You alright?" Yea so easy for him to ask. He didn't know about the problem I was facing did he? " Yep I'm fine." I lied. "You should see the view from up here Thals. It's really beautiful." That was when I took note of my surroundings . I was on a platform which was supported by two branches. I summoned all my courage and stood up.

The sight I saw was breath taking. Saying it was beautiful would be an understatement. You could see the camp from up here, and since this tree was taller than the rest, you could see the tops of other trees. The sea stretched away for miles. " It's beautiful Nico" " Told you it was something worth coming up for." Nico said, obviously pleased that I liked it. " So Nico, what is this place?"

"Well, I like calling it my tree platform." "You'r tree platform Death Breath?"

"Well, I was the one who built it." "So do you live up here?" I asked noticing loads of food.

" You can say so, But view is nothing compared to what you can see at night."

" You sleep here!"  "Yea?" He said sheepishly. "Who and all know about this Death Breath?" I asked. "Well let me see. Only you." Wow. Only me. I was pleased. Whoa Thalia!

"So are you going to keep me starving after all that hard work ?" "No of course not. Help yourself."

And we sat there looking at the view and munching chips when Nico took my hand in his. 

So! Liked it? Cliffy? And do you remember the riddle I asked? Well, no one even tried to guess it. And I am a tiny bit disappointed. Well anyway here's the answer.

what is big green and eats rocks?   A big green rock eater! 

Hahah. I know none of you would have guessed it. It was too easy. Anyway *cough* see you when *sneeze* I write the next chapter. Bye! *Ahchoo* 


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