The Children You Have Together

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Daisy- 5y/o crazy as a Daisy and always craves food like her dad. Sports brown curly hair and bright blue eyes

Marcus- 7 y/o the charmer only 7 but still good with the ladies and good looking as well, he takes after his dad with dirty blonde hair and has his blue eyes as well, same as his sister.



Denby- 9y/o an only child and doesn't she relish it, daddies little princess but also very smart top marks in class , she has that air about her that she takes after her dad for and has the same poutable lips as Calum with hazel eyes and jet black hair which she had dyed.



You two decide to adopt

Kira- 13y/o quite shy and very obviously has a crush on Ashton but keeps it low key and soon the whole thing will blow over. She has ginger hair and greenybluey eyes which are often paired with the red glasses she has to wear.



You two decided that you didn't want any kids...

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