Chapter 1

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Sweat was running down Callum's face as he ran through the ally. He was closely followed by the people in the black Lexus behind him who approached him on fifth street, he immediately started sprinting through ally's and streets. Every Time he thought he had lost them they were back on his tail, he had reached a dead end and thought he was done for, he turned around to see the car pulling up in front of him.he stood there. Frozen. The door swung open two men dressed in suit the first man was tall and muscular he had short black hair and sun glasses on. The second man looked like a in what Callum's eyes was a chude he was short and fat, he head was bald he also wore sunglasses. The chude took out a gun from with pocket and aimed at Callum, callum dolphin dived on to the ground covering his head. The chude fired the gun.....

Sweating Callum awoke from his dream he was relived that It was just a dream. He rolled over to look at his alam clock it read 3.40am he knew he wouldn't be getting back to sleep. He got up and "made his bed" he got dressed and turned on his Xbox360 until his parent woke up.


It was Saturday which meant he had soccer. He played for the under 14 kingfishers it was the final they were up against Lamton. His dad or coach had come and seen what he was up to he had his gear on and was waiting.they drove to the field were they had to play on. He saw his team standing in a circle. He took on look at the field and said"this field is shit" there was a dip in the centre and the right hand corner post was on a hill he sighed. He looked a this team mates there was Tom,jack,Callum,kosta, Lachlan, Tyler, Liam , Blake, copper, Hayden, nick and freya. The rest of the team had not arrived yet there was half and hour till the game so the went at kicked the ball around.


Authors note

Hopefully this is not toooo shit but sorry if it is I'm sorry but it is my first story.

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