"I hate you Amelia"

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"It was hilarious! I can't believe I did that."

''Don't talk round. Be straight!" Amelia pouted.

''Ya! We are very curious. Say fast!" Jess joined her.

I took a quick flashback that how I went inside the main room.The judges were sitting inside the room smiles glued to their face.

''Good morning'' I said in the most humble way I could.

''Morning!'' They said one after another

''So let me first tell you marks are out of 10, 5 for beauty and 5 for acting. Is it clear to you?"

The lady with brown hair said. She had tied her hair into a bun. She had those light green which are now very rare to see.

''Ya! So now may I start?''

''Yes!" She replied again and bent towards the chair. It seemed that the other two who were male were dumb. They were not uttering a single word. I moved behind to act but ,wait what are my lines. Rosaline told me something like crying. But now I was there standing like a dumb. I don't remember a single word now.

'' please start!" She said politely.

''Sorry mam! But please could you tell me what do I have to do?''

''What the hell?" She first yelled but then calmed down.

''Look sweetheart! Didn't Rosaline told you what to do?"

''Mam! She told me, but actually I am a-a little tensed.''

''If you are nervous here only then what are you going to do on the stage.'' The man with a beard finally spoke. Then he turned towards the lady.

''I don't think she Is appropriate for the role.''

''Wait Mr. Bill! Like this you would make her more nervous!" She turned towards me.''Darling you have to just cry then stand and in an aggressive way say-"

''Yes mam! Thanks but I got it.''

I then act according to the instructions.


I was quite angry at Amelia.

''I am so sorry Sniffy!" She came towards me and hugged.

''I just wanted you to be Juliet. I'm so very sorry.''She said while holding her ears. I gave her a full teeth smile. we again gave each other a tight hug.

''Wait who's sniffy?" Kiara pouted between us.

We both burst out laughing. I gestured Amelia to zip her mouth.

''Ya! Even I wanted to ask this.'' Amelia and I were laughing our ass off.

I soon moved out from there , leaving the 3 for their auditions.

Suddenly I saw a resembling figure in the corridor. I focused for a sec and then realized that it was John. I moved closer to get a better look.

''Hey Romeo!" I shouted.

He saw me but then ignored me giving a fake smile.

''Hey wait!" I called again and started following him.

''John please wait!" He stopped after few steps.

''What's your problem? dammit!" His sudden outburst made me scared.

Everyone was looking at us. I moved back few steps. I thought that he was a sensible guy but unfortunately I was wrong. His sudden behaviour had made my heartbeat fast.

''John! What's your problem?" I finally said gathering some courage.

He let out a big sigh and started moving towards the art room. No one can expect me to stop him. He was a big disaster and I know for sure that he was a psycho. I will never ever talk to him.

What do you think about John?

Will Sana be selected for Juliet's role?




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