Chapter Seven

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"Hey Annabelle, are we still good for tonight?" I ask as I log onto my laptop.

"Totally it's still on. PARTY!!" she screams into my ear, oh lord I hold the phone away from my ear and wait until I can't hear anything.

"Destiny, you still there. Hello?" Annabelle asks I can imagine her frowning face.

"I'm here you were just.. Loud," I say giggling.

"Oh ah yeah," she says sheepishly. Annabelle and I were having a sleepover at her place tonight, it's been put on hold for a while. We were gonna do it last Friday but it was my birthday, week before she went camping with her family and you get the picture.

"Mum made some of her famous lasagne for us and she baked some choc-chip cookies sense you love them," she informs me as my laptop starts up. I grin, Annabelle's mum made lasagne to die for and the same goes with her choc-chip cookies. Hey I had a sweet tooth, and I just loved cookies, a girls gotta love some sort of food mines cookies and strawberry ice-cream is Annabelle's.

"Yum! Now you're making me hungry," I complain as my stomach rumbles in response to my words. All I hear is her laughter on the other end of the line.

I sign into Facebook expecting there to be nothing new but boy was I wrong. I had two friend requests, one for Maggie and the other was from Matt, Hunter's friends. I accepted both with a smile.

"I can hear that from here, you should get that stomach of yours checked out," Annabelle says laughing again. I join in, was I really that loud. Bing! I look down at my laptop to see that I had received a message on Facebook.

Matt: Hey there gorgeous ;)

Oh my dear lord.

Destiny: I don't think Maggie would be pleased with that.

I chat with Annabelle waiting for him to respond.

Matt: She'll understand :) I'm only messing around :P but you are gorgeous ;)

I nearly choke, and Annabelle asks if I'm alright.

"I'm fine just choking," I mumble as I start blushing, another ding follows.

Matt: Great I can't look at you, I can't hang around with you and now I can't talk to you :( your boyfriend is a meanie :P He just wants you all to himself, greedy guy.

This time I do choke on my water, plus spit it all onto my laptop.

"I uh have to call you back sorry Annabelle," I say as I hang up on her. I take a deep breathe and message back.

Destiny: He's NOT my boyfriend.

Matt: But you wish otherwise ;)

Destiny: You wish Matt.

Matt: I don't wish beautiful, I know :P

Destiny: ...

Matt: Just admit it you like him.

Destiny: I do NOT like him. Why does everyone keep saying that.

Matt: Duh it is really oblivious..

Destiny: No it isn't.

Matt: Yes it is. Come on you haven't noticed that he acts differently with you, hangs out with, jokes and messes with you, it's really not that hard to see that you two are meant to me Destiny see even your name says it.. It's Destiny :P

Destiny: ...

Matt: Gtg your BOYFRIEND! is giving me his death stare and the cold look so.. I'll see you around :)

Destiny: I'm going to ignore that first part and just say bye :P

Matt: ;)

Oh my god, Matt is so annoying. Why does everyone think we are together or in love. Ok I admit it, I may have a tiny very tiny crush on him but he couldn't like me like that maybe as a friend but nothing else. Right?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"You hanged up on me," yep that's what Annabelle said when she let me in her house. I moved past her and went up into her bedroom, dumping my bag beside her bed.

"Oh yeah come in will you," Annabelle says loudly, closing her door behind her with a slam. Ok so I forgot to call her back after I had finished talking with Matt, maybe she would accept an apology.

"I'm sorry Annabelle, really I am. Matt texted me on Facebook and..." she stops me.

"Show me right now," she says smiling as she shoves her laptop onto my lap. I laugh as I sign in and show her the messages.

"Wow," she says once she's finished reading. I nod my head, wow was an understatement.

"I also have something to show you," she says shyly, I frown. Annabelle wasn't someone who was shy very often, so I knew this was something big, very big. Annabelle takes the laptop and logs onto her own Facebook, she scrolls down her messages and clicks on one. Then she pasts the laptop over to me and stares down at her lap shyly. I begin to read their messages, once I finished reading which took me ten minutes because wow is there a lot.

"Oh my god, you like this guy don't you?" I say, she didn't say it but I knew from her messages and her body language.

"Um yeah..." she says slowly, she quickly leans over me and clicks on his profile picture bringing it up bigger. Oh holy smokes, this guy was burning my eyes. His short black hair and his dazzling green eyes, if I didn't have my eye on Hunter I would be jealous of Annabelle. As I looked closely I could see this guy had a tattoo on his arm, he was mysterious and looked the part of a bad boy.

"His name is Jordan Bane, he's in my art class and well we talked and..."

"You fell for him," I finish for her grinning. She shyly nods her head, smiling.

"I have something to say as well but you can't tell anyone please Annabelle," I say quickly. I had to tell someone about my feelings, and I didn't trust Matt but hopefully Annabelle wouldn't spill.

"Of course I wouldn't tell anyone Destiny, you're like my sister and I love you. Now tell me," she says smiling at me. I take a deep breathe and open my mouth.

"Annabelle, Destiny dinner is ready come on down before it gets cold," calls Annabelle's mother. Annabelle looks at me waiting for me to speak, but the moments lost and I dig my feelings back down.

"Never mind, let's go eat I'm hungry," I say getting up off the bed, I walk out before she could stop me or ask questions. As I dig into the wonderful home cooked lasagne, I couldn't help but notice Annabelle keep looking over at me. I couldn't blame her, I had a hard time believing that I nearly told her. After all maybe it want a crush maybe it was just a spare of the moment thing or something. I take another bite, I imagine myself kissing Hunter, his brown hair and bright blue eyes, his hot grin. Who was I kidding, I liked him a lot. I blush deep red just admitting that to myself.

"Are you alright dear?" asks Katherine, Annabelle's mum. Annabelle looks up at me, I quickly look down thinking of something to say.

"Yes sorry, it's just a little bit hot," I lie giving her a small smile, she nods her head accepting my lie.

"You must be careful," she says nodding her head, I agree with her.


Sorry guys if this chapter is a little boring and un-interesting. I had a better chapter ready to be updated for you's but my phone died and lost all the chapter so I had to start from scratch. But you got to see a little of Annabelle's secret crush bad boy Jordan Bane who's an artist, that has to count for something exciting. Plus at the end where Destiny admits to herself that she does have feelings for Hunter. Don't forget to like, comment and tell all your friends about this story, I would really love it if more people knew about all my hard work I'm putting into this story. Next update coming as soon as I can :)

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