Chapter 3: Turning

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Herobrine's POV

I paced the throne room for the fifth time that hour. The squids were taking forever. I should have known better than to trust them with this job.

Sometime later, the nether portal began to flash and two of the three squids I'd talked with before came out, Adam wrapped in their tentacles. But as soon as they got out, the swirling purple inside the portal vanished, leaving an obsidian frame.

The squids let go of Adam, in shock over the portal, and he fell limply to the floor, groaning slightly. I knew he'd wake up soon so I'd better get this done quickly.

"Stand back." I told the squids. They grumbled a bit but did as I said.

I then pulled out the potion I'd been working on, only now it was in a syringe. I stepped forward, inserted the needle into Adam's neck and pressed down on the plunger, letting the glowing white liquid flow into his body.

Adam began to moan in pain as a bright golden light appeared around the edge of his sunglasses. I stepped forward, curious, and took the sunglasses off his face, tossing them away and smiling at what I saw.

It had worked. After three years of planning and experimenting, my potion had worked.

Sky's POV

I moaned in pain as I began to wake up. I felt like someone had injected fire into my veins. My body and head ached so bad. Yet at the same time, I felt different, stronger, powerful.

I opened my eyes as I got up slowly, noticing my sunglasses were gone but not really caring when I saw where I was.

I was in the Nether.

I could see the soul sand, lava and netherrack outside the room I was in, which was a large throne room made of nether brick, with iron bars lining the windows.

A large throne made of nether quartz and diamond sat near the back and a large set of iron doors stood a few meters away from me. And beside them, two of the squids who attacked me.

I growled at them and stormed over to them, moving faster than I ever thought possible. "Why the hell am I here?" I shouted at them.

Oddly enough, the moment I began talking to them, they yelped in fear, backing away until they were against the wall, quaking with terror.

I frowned, I knew squids were scared of me, and they had every right to be, but they'd never been this scared of me.

"Welcome Adam Skylen!" Boomed a voice, I turned to see who had spoken, but I couldn't see anyone else in the room.

"Who are you?" I shouted angrily, "Why am I here?"

"Your here because I asked those pathetic cephalopods behind you to bring you here." The voice said "As for who I am, well, I think you know."

After the voice said that, a figure walked out from behind the throne. It took all my willpower not to run away.

The person had dark brown hair and a cruel smile on his face. He was wearing a light blue T-shirt and a dark blue jeans, and his eyes were a soulless, glowing white.

Even though I'd never seen him before, I knew who he was. Everyone knew who he was. The evil brother of Notch, the God of the Nether, the devil himself.


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