Okay, another things guys, if you are American, you guys use the word 'trunk' for the back of a car, Australians call it a boot. Anyways, happy reading! :)


The next morning I wake up with Taylor draped around me, holding to my waist with a strong grip. I feel his warm breath on the back of my neck and I smile to myself.

"Morning" he mumbles into my hair after a few minutes, "Good morning" I smile. "How was your sleep baby?" He asks, "Pretty great actually, how about you?" I say and trace circles around the back of his hand, "It was perfect, especially with you" he says and I chuckle, "That was really cheesy" "I know, but when am I not being cheesy?" He asks and I shrug than laugh again.

I turn around so I am facing Taylor, "We have to go back home today, we should leave early so we get home after lunch" Taylor says and starts running his hand over my thigh. "I really don't feel like it" I sigh.

After a little talk we get up to get dressed, I go into the bathroom and put on some deodorant then brush my hair into a messy bun. I take my bathroom bag and towel out of the bathroom and sit it next to my bed, then I get out what I'm going to wear, my denim shorts and a tie-dye tank top. I slip on my black toms and start packing all of my stuff into my bag.

After we are packed we take all of our stuff downstairs with everyone else's bags, I walk into the kitchen and see everyone in there, "Good morning everyone" I smile and they all say hi back.

I stand next to Matt who is raving the cupboard, I reach for the fruit loops but the shelf is too high, "Matt, can you pass me the fruit loops please?" I ask and he smiles and nods at me then reaches for the cereal and hands it to me, "Thanks, you are really tall" I say, "No problem and thanks I guess" he continues looking through the cupboards.

I sit at the table next to Gilinsky and look at him then smile, "How was your sleep?" I ask him, "I didn't sleep at all actually, Jemma kept stealing the blanket and pushing me" he says and rubs at his eyes, "I hate it when she does that, when we were little she use to do it to me all the time" I say then take a spoonful of cereal into my mouth, "Hopefully you get some sleep on the way home" I say after I swallow and he nods then smiles at me, his smile is so adorable, they are all such cuties.

We all start picking up our bags and heading out the door, then stack them in the back of the van. When we are ready to leave, we all go inside and check that the windows are shut and the back door is locked. Once that is done, we all come back outside and then Jack J locks the front door.

Since there aren't enough seats in the van, we all have to overload. I squish up next to Taylor with Hayes on the other side of me. Taylor's hand finds mine and our fingers intertwine, I lean my head against his shoulder. I pull out my iPhone and earphones and plug them into my phone, then stick one earphone in my ear. I give the other to Taylor and he takes it and puts it in his ear, I press shuffle and close my eyes. Taylor starts talking to Hayes but I ignore it and eventually fall asleep.

Taylor wakes me up, "Georgia, we are gonna have lunch, what do you want?" I look out the window and see that we are at Mc Donald's, "I'm not that hungry, I'll go without" I shake my head and he squeezes my hand, "You need to eat, do you want to share with me?" he asks, "I'm sure you are really hungry though, you will probably want it all" I shake my head again, "I'll share with you" he says and give up and nod.

We share a burger, chips and a drink. And since I am super tired I fall asleep again.

I wake up and realise my head is leaning against Hayes' shoulder, I quickly sit up. "Sorry Hayes" I say and he smiles at me, "That's okay."

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