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the girls when first woke up dint realize where they were , then they changed fast to go down for breakfast. Anne giggled when Janet was putting her left shoe on her right one ." Damn ot , this stupid boot isn't fitting in my leg , I bought them just last week." Janet said angrily.  Anne giggles and said " Your wearing it on the wrong foot, Janet . Come on now , I smell poached eggs , I love them you know , now please come and help me make my ponytail ends curl better."

After a while they were eating some delicious poached eggs , bread  butter toast   , sausage and mixed fruit juice . " The boys are going to come by lunch time and I want to them to be comfortable with us , tommorow dears you can take a lunch picnic to the beach tommorow ."

Said Mrs. Scout . Anne replied " Of course mother , we will ..... shall we go to the beach after a while for a dip , I really want to see the beach , I also have some money so that i can bring them some gift from the  beach mother , it would be so dear of you to do that mother ."

" Yes mother please , be a dear and let us o mother , oh please ." Cried Janet

" After all this commotion , how can I say no , but dear you can't because the boys are going to come , you can go tommorow from morning to night sweethearts but not today .... now be a good child and pick a preety gown for tonoght party in our house sweethearts ....its is going to be a -a -  a , I dont know what it is ....." Said their mom


" Yes , a blast anyways sweethearts , now go and choose a pretty gown !!!! Now off you go ........!"

" OK MOTHER " cried the twins. Up they went

Suddenly  Janet appeared in Anne's room . " THE BOYS HAVE COME , COME LETS GO ... I WANT TO SEE NOAH AND JOHN ...COME ON ANNE " Screamed Janet while pulling her towards the door .

" I dont want to go there , they should come here  to greet me .... I like them all but Noah always has a insect or two  with him ... I don't mind , but he is a bit too big , 13 years is like adults ." said Anne solemnly .

Janet cried "Oh come on .... your such a scary cat, come now, Noah has a lot of interesting magic tricks. "

Janet ran to the door and saw the plump John with light blue eyes , brown hair and chubby cheeks , Noah stood there tall with blonde hair and green eyes and broad shoulders , he looked like a young man

" Hello kid , where is your other twin ..... show me your hand , ohhhh your Janet , same as usual.

where is Anne , Janet , you've grown soo tall Janet ... you'll nearly be at my ears one day  ... Where is Anne ."  Said Noah

" Yes , where is Anne , I want to meet her , I dint see her till now  ." Cried John

" She isn't coming , she says you should go and meet her , rather rude of her right . "  Janet said sadly

" She might be having a trick up her sleeve .... I think ." Said Noah.

Up they went to meet  Anne , Just then Noah slipped on the banana peel , landed on Anne's door and a bucket full of water fell on Noah .

Anne stood there at the corner laughing .

" You got caught in my trap , I was wishing for John , but Noah ... YOU ARE HILARIOUS . " Anne said .

" You rascal , wait , one day ill play a trick on you that you wont forget." Cried Noah , he was dripping wet .

"I'll see if you can Noah ." Replied Anne

After a while they were tucking in a good lunch . " I love this bacon , Jonna....Noah and John , today we have some party ... the dress code I think it traditional because I am wearing a gown, you both have suits right , if you dont we have to buy , okay." Said Janet

" Yes , we both had already bought the suits , because Aunt Scout told us on the phone. " Replied Noah in his deep voice.

"Cool , thats good " Said Anne

" Mother , can we go to the beach for a while , pleaase .... cant we have a party some other day ... mother please. " Cried Janet

Chores of " Please Mrs. Scout " And " Please mother "  Were heard .

" Ok , ok ..I thought you'd want a party for coming in this new house , but I will cancel it for the next 10 years , you all go and get your swimming coustumes

ill pack some tea ."  Replied  Mrs. Scout with a twinkle in her eye

" Thanks mother , your the best ." Cried the twins

After a while , they were at the beach , lying lazily on the sand ...

" The sun is too bright .... hey whats that . " Cried Anne

She pointed towards a place which looked like an island

"I think it's an island . mom dint tell us about it ....." Said Janet

" Oh look , here is the ice  cream man .. let buy some Popsicles ...I am starving ." Said John

Janet replied " Your always seem sooo hungry , but I m also sooo hungry , come on hys lets go and buy some popsicle. "

Noah went to get some possible ." Five Popsicles sir. " said Noah

Jane said " I want a red one ."

Anne said " I want green ."

John said " I WANT BLUE ."

Soon they were on the hot beach and were eating popsicle and then suddenly  man came " KIS , MRS SCOUT IS CALLING YOU , you have to go for tea , you all dint take your tea with you ."

" Holy cow , of course , I forgot to get our tea .... I m sooo stupied" Cried Anne

Down they rushed to the house ...

There was big man with black hair , big nody sitting and eating .

" Dad , it's  you  ..... " Cried Janet

Mr. Scout replied in his deep voice " Of course  darling , hows are you ... how was school I hope you got good grades ... I am coming to your PTA and I hope to be proud of you girls. Anyway , why were you oit today ... I got present for you too ." He stared at John and Noah and burst out laughing