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Before he forced me to go with him I waked over to him.

He was changed out of his regular t-shirt and jeans. He looked like he came out of a business magazine. His dirty greasy brown hair was washed and I could smell the shampoo he used. His face was well groomed. He wears a light blue dress shirt with clear buttons and a light grey coat. With a pair of dark blue jeans. He would look handsome if I didn't know the kind of monster he really is in side.

We walked up the steps to the old wooden door with a lock on it. As he open it I just couldn't  resist trying to look for the smell of weed. That's the only thing I like about this place the smell.

The cabin we are in is about 2 hours away from the closest town. Its a cabin hard, to find if you don't know the area. Its a perfect place to grow weed. That's what they did here. But not just weed. I've seen this cabin be converted in to a meth lab. 

When he finally opens the door I was disappointed that there was no smell of weed. That was unusual.

So I guess no drug party tonight. 

The upstairs part of the cabin was nice. It was beautiful black leather couches paintings of landscapes and forest. The walls even had a few staffed animals I'm pretty sure he killed. It was big and had only one big window with a view of the woods.

He motioned me to sit on the couch and I did.

"Now you wait here. We are going to deliver some things today." He walks over to a shelf and takes something out of the box. 

"Now, we don't want you being a bad girl on our way to town do we? So this is going to help you stay nice and calm though out our ride." I knew what this meant. As he turns around he holds a needle in his hands. Every time they took me out of this prison he drudged me and  I would wake up in motel rooms naked, strip clubs naked, and sometimes random houses tied up were men beat me and raped me.

Once I woke in the car. When they realized I was coming out of it  they yelled at each other and pouched my head till I was knocked out again.c

He walked over to me and takes my arm. No point in trying to run away. The door was locked with 4 locks and it has an alarm system. The only window is bulet prove. No way out. 

I feel the sharp pain of the needle followed by the during pain of the  sleepy drug entering my body. It took no more then 5 minutes for it to start working. 

"There we go, oh don't worry this will be the last time you will be here. Ill go bring your things."

What? Was he letting me go? Did his cold heart unfroze and he was doing something good? Or......Or...... he was going to kill me. 

My legs started to go numb. 

As I fought to keep my eyes open I  hear a honk out side the cabin. They were  here.

A few seconds later I heard them start to opened the locks...... My arms were staring to numb....... As the door open I saw them to where well dressed up.

Its funny I've never hear them call each other by there names since the 2 years I've been here. I don't want to come up with names for them. I want to forget everything the moment it happens and them having no names helps a little. 

A familiar women and men come in the door with a smile on there faces. For the looks of those faces I would imagine the have won the lottery.

She was wearing a white fitted dress with black high heels. Her blonde hair was in curls. He was just wearing a fancy black suit.

"I see you are all ready to go sweetie." The women said. She is about 25 or so. They never call me by my name. Its always sweetie, baby, bitch, or whatever they want it to be.

As I think about it I realized that I to don't remember my name. 

I spend my first year here trying to escape and trying to survive that I forgot things. Being locked up in the dark doesn't help. But what did it matter I was leaving and hopefully I was headed to my death.

By this point all of my body was numb my drain was  still fighting to stay awake.

I hear him come up the steps with my box. 

"Finally you guys are here" he says. 

"Yeah we had a few trouble getting rid of the other girls but that's all taken care of." she said. The other mean that came with her was as silent as mouse. He looked like he couldn't stand being in this place any longer.

" It OK she is all drudged and ready to go. Finally we can ditch this hell whole."

I don't understand. I don't understand any of it. This has never happen they never talked bout us leaving this place like that. What about the other girls? What happen to them. I only saw them once but I'm still worried about them. 

As my brain count take any longer the last words I heard were spoken from the women.

"Finally your looks will be put to good use my dear."

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