Chapter 4: Part 5

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(Nash's P.O.V)

I had woken up about an hour ago, but stayed still so I wouldn't wake up Cam. Did the doctor tell him? Does he know? I guess I'm still adjusting to the news myself. But hey, at least it's not cancer.

(A/n I'll explain what Nash's case is in the end.)

Am I scared? Maybe a little, but if I die, then it won't be so bad. It's what I've wanted from the beginning right?

Cam shifted on my hand, he was holding on to it as if a child holding on to its toys. But still I didn't want to wake him so I let him be. If only this was a reality where he would want to hold my hand outside of his sleep too... A magical fantasy where were together. But that's not happening.

I just sat there looking at him. How long has he been here? As a matter a fact how long have I been here? I looked over at the clock. Okay let's see, I got here the morning after We went to matts, and I haven't slept after that until now and it's 9am in the morning so I've been here for a day and a night. What happened in that time span? Everything right now is jumbled in my head. Okay let's think this through.

I got a fever, Cam drove me to the hospital, they told us it was a sever fever. But then I got more symptoms which led to me fainting in which they did more test and the final result is a Tumour on my head that needs to be removed or I will get Brian damage. And I lost my memory. What a happy life.

"Excuse me?"

I Looked over, it was the docotor that treated me earlier.

"Were going to have to ask for your boyfriend to leave." He said. Wait what? Did he just say boyfriend?"


"Can you wake him up please?"

"Uh. Yeah. Uhm sure." I jolted cam and he slowly opened his eyes. Maybe i was just hearing things, or maybe the doctor got that wrong Idea. He's not my boyfriend.

"Huh? What time is it?" Cam muttered

"Sir were going to have to ask you to leave, we've scheduled for a psychiatrist to meet with Nash." He said. His name tag said Dr. Lane.

"Why? Am I crazy or something?"

"No, you're not. We do this to all patients who just get news that could emotionally put you in a state. She's just making sure if you're dealing okay."

"I'm dealing with it fine." I grumbled. I don't want to see a "psychiatrist".

"Sir you're going to have to leave now." Dr. Lane said to Cam.

He got up, hugged me, then left with the words of good bye.

"Look I don't need to see a stinking shrink okay?" I bluntly said.

"First symptom of postpartum depression is denial, then comes the anger and irritation, then after that it's all self pity and depressing." A lady said walking in.

"I'm fine."

"Well then it won't hurt to have a session then, will it?"

I sighed.

"I'll be back to check up on you Later Nash." Dr. Lane said walking out closing the door behind him.

"So we'll get started then now not we?" She said taking a seat on a chair.

"How are you feeling?"



"I don't know."

"Do you have an idea why that could be?"

"Okay, for starters these pointless annoying questions."

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