chapter 1 . off to the cottage

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Janet and Anne were  in their boarding room chatting with their mom on the computer , Janet suddenly said " This summer is gonna be a blast , we are gonna stay in that luxurious 5 bedroom cottage daddy bought near the beach .  Even the boys* are gonna be there with us ...."

Anne giggled and said " Thats not a cottage but a mansion , I dont know because we dint go there yet twin sis ." Anne and Janet were the most identical twin , they had the same dark blue eyes, a fair face, pink lips, rosy cheeks and blonde hair which was curled beautifully at the ends . The only way to find out which one was Jane or Anne was that Anne had a scar in the shape of  lighting on her hand .

Janet replied " Well their is only 2 days left , we have to wait till then...

The days past and the night before going home Janet said " I think this summer vacation is gonna be real adventurous.

Anne replied with a snort " You say that every summer Janet , and we never have any adventures ." 

Anne woke up first in the morning and said louding in Janets ear " DAD AND MOM ARE GOING TO COME , WAKE UP LAZY BONES ." Janet sreamed loudly " I AM GONNA KILL YOU , ANNE .... "

" Well kill me after you get ready , I wanna go and have breakfast , comr on lets get ready ." replied Anne with a twinkle in her  eye .... 

They got ready wear their blue jeans , pink top and brown boots

Down they went for breakfast  and not after a long time their paremts came in their car . Janet ran to hug her mom and dad  ,  Anne kissed her mother and hugged her dad and went and sat in the car , The Scout twins bagged a window place and were off .

Their dad who was driving the car for a change said " This drive is gonna be really long dears , lets have some lunch , what about burger kingdom , I love those burgers ." Janet the childish one cried " Yes daddy, lets go there , I want some french fries too .." Anne who always acted more like a adult said  " I would like to go to fancy restaurant and eat some mashed potatoes , barbecued chicken and some grilled cheese with ham and some Italian stuffed pasta .  Thats more classic but burger will do the trick too ."  So after lunch , their mother looked back to see if  those two sweethearts were asleep , and they were !!! It was supper time by the time they reached there , The Scouts twins looked at the cottage , it was like a mansion but very sweet , roses and lilies surround the huge garden , there was a water fountain , the air was soo fresh amd when they went inside they had theirs own room , the girls bedrooms had king sized bed which was pink , huge cupboard and a dresing table , the room  also had a computer and a 32 inch LCD tv

The girl went down for supper

Thats when they met the new cook who cooked a lot for them for supper , " Chicken barbecue , rosted potatoes witheir skin with cheese , mashed potatoes , egg salad , chocolate cakes , fruit custured , and jelly with ice cream , that marvelous , Jonna , you cook soo much , I have become thin after a long time and you are making me fat again , why , ohh why ."  Cried Mrs. Scout

Jonna grinned and said " why madam I thought you have been too ill thats why you went out  , but you bought this lovly twin , mark my words , these 2 are gonna be real beauties one day." the twins blushed and thanked Jonna , then after supper they went to bed at 10 , tommorow the boys were going to come , they were going to have some fantastic  summer holidays here .

* counsin brothers