Chapter 3: Face to Face

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Vivian pov:

After arguing with my friends about pranking strangers, I hopped onto my twitter and told my story about pranking the mysterious van boys that Christina told me about. This caused a lot of love and hate comments like "omg how could you do that to the poor janoskians 😱" and "haha nice it's about time someone tried to prank them 👍" This just sparked my curiosity more. So I called Analou, Christina and Tina over and we searched up this boy band looking group of boys and discovered they were not a boy band well at least they say they aren't. They did videos a lot like ours and did lots of challenges.

"Hey these guys don't seem half bad" I say still looking at my lap top.

Skip pov:

After washing off all the coloured milk from my hair, I walked back into our hotel room to find everyone on their phones of course. Luke was taking selfies, Beau was probably having a follow spree and I don't even know what Jai and James are doing. "Oi Skip the girl that pranked you isn't a fan, She's a fucking youtuber" Beau says still scrolling threw his phone.

"She's part of a group called actv" Jai says.

"Ohhhh so that's why there was a mob of people outside" James realizes and stands up to go look at the crowd.

"Man we got fucking punked just look at twitter" Luke says still taking selfies. So I turn on my phone and all over the place it said "janoskians finally put into their place by actv!"

"Ohh hell na" I say standing up and walking out of our hotel room.

"Skip what the fuck are you doing?!?" Beau says running after me.

"Revenge" I say with a smirk.

Analou pov:

As we are sitting in our hotel room we are all on our phones Christina was taking selfies like she always does, I was having a follow spree and I don't even know what Vivian and Tina are doing. Suddenly Vivian stands up "Hey you guys wanna go get some food?" she says.

"Oh my gosh it's about time someone asked I thought I was gonna starve to death" Tina says standing up.

"I'm coming too I want to go see the fans" says Christina.

"I wanna go see the fans too" I add as I chase after them. As we walk down the hall way Vivian stops in her tracks.

"Awe crap" she says turning around trying to walk back but we are blocking her way.

Beau pov:

"Oi you're the one that pranked me u slu+" Skip says pointing at the black hair girl that was currently trying to get away.

"So what if my Parabatai did?" says a girl with chocolate brown hair.

"You're para-what now?" Luke says tilting his head in confusion.

"A Parabatai you dipshit" The black haired girl said.

"What the fuck is that?" Skip says still pissed at the black haired girl.

"A Parabatai is a team of warriors that are sworn to protect and care for each ot-" Tina starts to explain but Skip cuts her off.

"That isn't the point! The point is that your para-whatever pranked me!" Skip yelled.

"And what are you expecting us to do about it?" A girl with light brown hair saids in a defensive tone.

"Ummm an apology would be nice?" Skip says more annoyed than before.

"I didn't prank you accidentally so I don't think an apology is in order here" said the blacked hair girl glaring at Skip.

"You guys don't know who you are messing with do you?" I say trying to make them back down.

"We don't but I'm pretty sure we could still take you on" A dirty blonde girl says glaring at Skip along with the rest of the girls.


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