Chapter 5

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Liam, Nikki, and the driver found a random chair to sit in. "As you should already know by now, your mother and I are both Goddesses," Felicity pulled a chair closer to Liam, turned it around, and sat on it backward. "Back before Hyrule became a city and while it was still separate nations, your mother and I, and the other two Goddesses decided to live alongside everyone here on Earth. The underworld gave in too easily for us to trust." She sized Liam up once more to make sure he was capable of handling what was about to come. "It was your mother that foresaw the return of the king and the birth of a new hero. I see the warrior's soul within you but you bear no resemblance to the Hero that has saved these lands in the past."

"But what does any of this have to do with me?"Liam looked to Felicity hoping to get all of his questions answered. "Also, what am I to do when my home has been destroyed? Why would my mother send me here?"

Felicity giggled a little at how much Liam was asking. "You shall get all your questions answered in time. Back to what I was explaining earlier, your mother had foreseen a new Hero and a veil being lifted from this city. As you may have noticed, the children and teens act normal while most or all adults, except us Goddesses, act like drones. The streets are almost always clear, even though the curbs are lined with cars." She waited for a nod from the trio before continuing. She was stopped by the mysterious man.

"If all of us adults are like mindless drones, how come I'm not like that now?" The man checked his head, mostly out of paranoia, to make sure nothing was attached to it.

"That is a good question and I believe I have the answer." The woman turned on a radio and instructed the man to listen closely. As he did, his face went blank. The only thing that was playing was the evening news. "Do you listen to the radio or watch TV a lot?"

"Now that you mention it I watch it almost constantly." The man began to look shocked and a bit disappointed. "I used to own a custom bike shop when one day I sold it. I don't remember why, though."

"Liam," Felicity turned her attention back to him. "This city is being controlled by the media. A bit cliché I know. Anyways, magic is being broadcasted through the news." She got up and put the chair away. She then turned her attention back to the man. "My theory is that you were interrupted during a special news broadcast. I am not one hundred percent sure. She then turned back to Liam, "The rest I will tell you tomorrow. You and your friends can stay here for the night." She headed to the wall of drawers and pulled out some herbs. "I know a few recipes for healing potions. They may not do much but they will help enough for you to face the day tomorrow." She pointed to a door that sat just behind the crew. "Now take those stairs up to my apartment. The bath is easy to find so Liam and Nikki, you two should take a shower, and make sure you clean well. I didn't want to say this before but both of smell horrendous." Both Felicity and the man laughed at the comment. "Oh and don't worry about clothes, there will be a surprise waiting for you all upstairs." The three looked at each other and were confused. Either way, Liam, and Nikki knew that they stunk. They knew they needed to clean themselves, so they all headed up through the door they were directed. The stairs weren't long but it was a tight fit. The man just barely fit in the hallway. Upstairs was simple; a long hallway with five rooms. There were two on the left, two on the right, and one at the end. The walls were off-white and were worn in places.

Downstairs, Felicity closed her eyes, mumbled a prayer and snapped her fingers. Back upstairs, the trio saw a puff of smoke come from the room at the end of the hall. They approached it and inside were a large armoire and attached to the door was a note. "Just grab the handle and wait two seconds. The clothes you need shall appear." Liam was the first to do as the note said. He grabbed a hold of the doors and counted to two. He swung the doors open and a black shirt with a logo of two clashing swords hung from a hanger. Below was a pair of baggy pants with a chain-link belt. Next to the pants sat a pair steel toed boots. He looked in the drawers and found a pair of socks and underwear. He quickly grabbed all his stuff and moved so Nikki could have her turn. Inside she found a dark green shirt and a pair of Khakis. Like Liam, she had a pair of boots. She opened the drawer that contained her unmentionables and tried to hide them from the boys. She then grabbed the rest of the clothes and moved aside. Finally, it was the man's turn. Thinking he needed to change as well, he opened the armoire only to find nothing.

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