Chapter 7

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Angie's POV -

He looked shocked when I stood there, I looked him in the eyes. I didn't know if he was happy or sad,

"German, there is something I couldn't say over the phone" I said, I was thinking how could explain to him.

"Angie, what is it?" He said, I don't think he is happy.

"German, about what you said, I didn't say it back because.. Because I ... Have to say it ..... face to face" I said I stuttered between every single word.

"What is it Angie?" He said, he sound frustrated and it's quite hard to tell someone that you love them when they look like they have something else on there mind.

"German, I .." I got cut off by Violetta.

"OMG!, ANGIE!!" She scream and she ran up to me and hugged me.

"Hiya Vilu" I said smiling, she was smiling to and what I saw from the corner of my eye so was German. As I looked up at him the smile disappeared from his face and he became all serious. He stared me in the eyes. I looked back, His face became less tense and more relaxed. He came up to me and Violetta moved away and walked away but I could see her behind the corner peeking at us. German held me tight, I have no idea what is happening I mean one minute he sounds really annoyed with me and the next thing he is holding me tight and He closed his eyes, He began to come closer and closer, We were about to kiss when there was a knock on the door.

We broke apart very fast, I felt a bit gutted as I really wanted to have that Kiss with German. He went to answer the door as I awkwardly looked at the floor.

He opened the door and a woman throw her arms around him. Now I felt really awkward, I went in to the kitchen, Violetta was sitting there looking at me with a massive grin on her face.

"So I guess you have enough of smooching with my dad" She said giggling. I laughed and then said "No he is smooching with another lady, so I thought I would come and talk to you"

She looked shocked, "What do you mean Angie?" She said,

"He is in there with this other woman, I have never seen her before though" I said.

Violetta got up from her seat and then hugged me,

"He better not be messing with my Auntie" She said, she always knows what to say.

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