2 | Sophie

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Normally walking into the lunch hall was simple and no one really payed me much attention, since I tried my best to stay invisible. But today was different. As soon as I stepped in I felt a heated gaze directly on me.

Looking up to see who was staring at me, my breath caught my throat as I gazed up to see a pair of sparkling blue eyes. I momentarily froze, looking back at him with just as much intensity. It was Luke Hemmings. Rumours about him spread like wildfire so I didn't exactly know what to and what not to believe. He was the schools, bad boy. As cliché as that sounded it was true, well from what I had heard of him it was true. Even then I wasn't a judgemental person so I didn't hate him like the others, he was just another guy to me. Everyone feared him and no one looked him or anyone in his group in the eye. It was weird, I had never in my four years of high school had encounter with him so this was kinda strange. I wonder why he was staring at me so intensely?

He broke the small staring contest first and I frowned, immediately feeling down and empty. I brushed the awkward feeling of as I ignored the small encounter and made my way to my usual lunch table, I shared with my best friend Taylor.

I smiled as I approached him, Taylor was honestly amazing, and dorky, but mostly amazing. He was the only person that knew me to the fullest and I guess that was expected for being best friends since diaper days.

I smiled as I approached him. He was sitting at the table casually on his phone looking as if he was texting, so siting by himself didn't make him look like a complete loner. I chuckled at his antics as I sat down next to him.

"So who you texting?" I asked him and tried to look over his shoulder to see his phone. He was too fast as he slipped it inside his jean pocket.

"Oh you know..." He mumbled trailed off mumbling his words. Clearly he was texting no one but I wasn't one to let it go so easily.

"Yeah go on," I said while unzipping my bag and taking out a bottle of water. I unscrewed the top as I looked at him with a raised eyebrow, he blushed looking down. Okay, this was new. He hardly ever blushed.

"Cynthia?" He rushed out like he was unsure and there went my water. I chocked slightly not even trying to contain my laughter as I bursted out laughing.

"I-Isn't she your blind 80 year old neighbour?" I questioned him between laughs. I tried to keep my laughter quiet as I didn't want unessesary attention casted on us. It was true though, he lived in a semi detached house so we knew exactly who she was but I wonder why he lied to me? I put down my bottle of water after screwing the lid back on properly then looked at him, with a pointed look.

"Just admit it, you weren't texting anyone?"

"No I was, you just don't know them," he said shaking his head with a frown. I just rolled my eyes, okay then. I totally believe you Taylor.

"Right so something really weird happened to me when I walked in," I said to him and he gave me a confused look. Me and Taylor normally told each other everything. Him being a boy and me being a girl didn't make such a difference as he knew me inside out and could tell if I was lying or not. Same for me to him. Also about the other aspect of him liking me, well that was hilarious because he physically couldn't since he had turned eighteen a couple days ago and was on the search for his soulmate, we both had no clue about someone who's name began with T and ended with S, the initials on the back of his neck.

"What?" He asked breaking me out of my train of thoughts about Soulmates. I was slightly upset that my birthday didn't come for another month so I didn't know who my soulmate was but I really wanted to find out. They would be my only escape from my parents.

"As soon as I walked in I was being stared down by none other than Luke hemmings," I said joining back into the conversation, he chuckled.

"Why was he looking at you?"

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