Ray of Sunshine

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In a world full of judgement,

some choose to hide.

To hide from all the hate,

from the people's ignorant side.

In a world full of judgement,

some of us find it hard to strive.

We find it hard to cope,

we find it hard to survive.

But in this cruel, retched world,

there is always that single piece of thread.

There is that small glimmer, that fragile ray of sunshine,

that keeps you from putting yourself in your final resting bed.

That one reason to live,

that one reason to stay

That one reason to get passed all the sorrow,

that one reason to keep the game of LIFE on play.

That one reason may be a thing, an animal, or a time,

it carries you up away from the madness, and into the peaceful sky.

But in my messed up world, the life I fight to survive,

it is a special someone who helps me get by.

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