Prologue: The prince and the commoner.

A child’s happiness is the joy of the world, being able to see him or her smile brightly and laugh with pure delight. Ignorance is bliss correct? Being ignorant to how cruel and horrible of a place the world really is, where it’s all stricken with disease and war, famine and crime. A world that parents want to protect their pride and joy from for as long as they can.

Not in this kingdom.

The Kingdom Crafted was admittedly once a place that some might mistake for heaven, the way the plants grew abundantly among the beautiful buildings and creations. The meadows were more than most could dream, and the people were all kind and generous. But what was perhaps the most magnificent, was the castle. It sat in the sky, just above the clouds; some said that even Gods palace was challenged by this creation.

And of course with every castle, there came a King and Queen. King Michael was a noble man, one of unspeakable kindness and courage. Queen Melissa was a beautiful and gentle woman, who’s pride and joy was little Adam. Little Adam, better known to the rest of the kingdom as Sky. Oh yes, a perfect family which everyone loved.

Everyone accept those outside. Those who craved the power and wealth that the kingdom had to offer. Those which were evil. But inside the kingdom, everyone was blissfully aware of the chaos slowly closing in around them.

…11 years earlier…

"You can't catch me!" Cried the little prince, giggling insanely as he ran through one of the beautiful meadows, being chase by another.

"I can too!" Yelled that other, pumping his legs faster to catch up with the young prince. The giggling continued as they ran in circles to escape each other. The other boy pounced, taking the prince down with him and proceeding to roll on the floor together.

"Hey! No fair!" The prince whined, rolling around and trying to keep the smile off his face.

"I won fair and square!" He huffed, smirking back and rolling off of the prince.

"Ty's a big cheater!" The prince yelled out loud, cupping his hands around his mouth so it echoed even more through the empty meadow. The boy, Ty, giggled and shoved him lightly, the young prince just laughed heartily alongside him.

"Hey, so did you remember what day it is?"

"Yes! How could I forget? It's Tuesday!" The young prince laughed.

"Sky!" Ty whined. "Don't tease; you know it's your birthday!" And with that, the boy began to rummage around through his pockets. The young prince leaned forward curiously, staring at Ty's hand as he pulled a small gift out of his pocket.

"Is this for me?"

"Duh." Ty snorted, shoving at Sky. "Cost me a lot of gems and favours, but it was worth it."

"Ty, you know that I'll get lots of other gifts. Your company is way enough." Sky sent the boy a bright smile, but it was returned by a stubborn huff and a disproving shake of the boys head.

"Well I already brought it, so that's just too bad." sky giggled at the comforting stubbornness of the younger boy and nodded. He carefully unwrapped the small box, opening it up and staring. "Do you like it??" The boy questioned eagerly, watching the young princes expression closely.

"How much did this cost exactly...?" He asked, holding up the amulet, a solid gold circle with some kind of purple gem in the middle.

"A lot..." The boy blushed slightly, looking away from his friend in embarrassment. "Do you like it?" Ty was then enveloped in a hug. The prince hugged him tightly, laughing.

"It's great, but you really shouldn't have!" The boy nearly sang, and Ty shook his head, in a way that said he was happy to have brought the amulet.

Their fun had ended far too soon, and the night was soon taking over the sky, leaving the two boys to say their goodbyes. “Tomorrow, right? We’ll hang out again?” Ty asked, watching as the young prince turned to face him, his signature cheeky grin on his face.

“Of course.” The two grinned at each other, bumping elbows before taking off in their separate directions. Sky ran towards the castle, hoping to make it home before supper, and Ty went towards the village to help his father cut some fire wood before nightfall.

They were counting the minutes before they would be able to see each other and play some more. It was too bad that they never got that opportunity.

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