Jay Paddock.

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11:00 am 24th June.

My alarm clock beeping through the room signalling that it's 11 in the morning and that I now need to get up. I rolled out of bed and strutted over to my blue silk curtains and opened them up alone with my old window. I walked over to my bed and finally shut off the beeping blue clock and made my polka dot blue and white bed and place my covered in my face bands logos drawings on done by Kara pillow ontop. I pulled back the silk drapes and skipped into my bathroom. I stripped down and jumped into the burning shower but it didn't bother me. I grabbed my apple shampoo and conditioner and lathered my hair and then rinsed out the studs. I turned off the shower and plugged in my hair dryer and dried my hair. I put it into a side fishtail platte and wandered into my wardrobe only covered by a towel. I pulled on my turquoise bikini with yet again more polka dots that were purple this time. I pulled on some dark to light blue skinny jeans and a flowy tank top with stripes on. I guess you could say I liked patterns. I placed my dark dark blue all most black cowgirl hat on my head and headed down stairs. I skidded into the dining room with still wet feet and placed my self on the opposite side of the table from Ruby. I slurped up the last if my berry breakfast smoothie and made a loud burp at the end. I giggled as I disgusted Ruby from that noise and placed my cup in the dishwasher. I skipped upstairs and brushed my teeth and popped a mint in afterwards. I pulled some socks on and made my way downstairs pulling on my brown cowgirl boots as Amelia made her way downstairs in her pjs just about it eat brekkie.

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