Entry 2

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I had a dream.


Me running in the forest.

And I came across my family.

My Siberian Husky looked like Smile Dog.

Everyone else was normal.

So we ran to a cliff and stopped.

And I looked over it, and then I turned around and saw Slenderman.


Why would I have these dreams.

My life is so f*cked up.

I think this means something like conflict or whatever...

I have GOT to stop waking up at, like, three o'clock in the morning.

Four hours of sleep and then awake.


I sleep for four hours then I go to school.


What's up bro.

I really wish my dreams would stop being creepypasta related.

It's annoying to talk about to my family and they are like ???.


Anyone know a way to make my brain stop doing creepypasta dreams?

Comment below :)

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