Chapter two

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I drove myself to starbucks to meet Kiev.

When I arrived. I covered his eyes.

"So who's this? Uhmm. Let me guess." he laughed

"Shrek? Uhmm I think no. Fiona? Your fingers are fat and smooth. So I guess your Fiona." he laughed

"Aww!" I hit him hard


"Hey I'm just kidding! But I'll be happy to be your Shrek, Fiona!" He said emphasizing the name Fiona.

"You know my dear boyfriend, We don't need to be ogre just to have a happy ending."

"Why are you always seducing me with your sweet words?"

"Ohh Kiev Yvo Alexis Mason is seducable? Not suprising."

"You should be glad I am."

He then winked at me

"So where's Zia?"

"She's on her art class. We'll pick her up together?"


"May I take your order ma'am?" He asked

"Dark Mocha;Venti and Cinnamon Danish Old man." he faked a smile

"Customer is always right." I laughed at him.

I missed Von at times like this. That should be you Von. That should be you on that counter. This shit should be us. But you wasted all of that. I changed a lot after you left me. After I gave birth to your child. I loathed her because of you. I can't look at her for days. I told my parents that it was a mistake and I don't know the father. Since we lost our communication. I've been to drinks, smoke and the things I shouldn't have done. I've been like that for year.My mom brought me in a rehab. It's your freaking fault. But I'm thankful I found Kiev at my darkest hour so as he. We get through our destructions together and we've been for each other for so long and I'm grateful for him. I loved you. But he loves me and Zia and I love him for that. I'm begging you not to comeback again.

"A penny for your thoughts?"

"Ohh. I'm just thinking about me and my boyfriend in bed. You know."

"So, maybe your boyfriend is real hot for that matter." he looked at me intently

I ate "Yeah, real hot."

When he's about to kiss me. His phone rang.

I looked down and smile.

He sucked in a sharp breath and tucked his lips. It was awkward.

"Pick it up." I laughed. He shook his head in exasperation.

"What unknown number?"


"Von?" Von?!


"You're here?"


"30 minutes then,we'll just pick up our daughter." He smiled at me.

While we're driving our way to wherever that is. I'm thinking of the possibility that it was the Von I know or maybe not. If it was the Von I knew, I'll be damned.

"Hey" he held my hands. "what are you thinking?"

"Just your hands around my body." with just that he laughed. I know I lied. I don't want to tell him what I'm thinking.

"Stop seducing me again. It won't work."

I looked at him in disbelief. "The nerve! You're just easy to give in to such temptations."

He shook his head "frustrating woman."

We reached Zia's school and we picked her up. Zia's practically our daughter now. He stand as her father. Everybody knows it's Kiev's except Mix

Zia ran towards him. "So, how's our little baby?"

"Stop calling me little baby daddy!" we laughed together.

"So how's school big girl?"

"It's fine daddy! Look at this!" She's very ecstatic. She showed her drawing, it's fruits on a basket.

"Ms. Anne told us to draw this."

"Daddy, put me down I have something to tell mommy!"

She quickly went over me and whispered something. "Mommy, David helped me with this!" she said with giggles.

"Baby, it's okay to have a crush but remember you're too young for this." I smiled at her

"What are you two-" I cut him in mid sentence.

"Girl's code."

We went to our car and we reached our destination. Airport. Just damn! The probability is at risk.

"Mommy I'm thirsty."

"Okay sweetie."

"We'll just go get some drinks."

"Be back soon." I nod

We went to a coffee shop that serves my favorite coffee. I don't know but this coffee shop serves like snail.

When we reached them. I saw Kiev waved at me I smiled. Now a guy adjacent to him. His back towards me. When I came closer.

Holy cow!

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