•5• The Fool's Hero

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"Oh my God!"

Her long blonde locks are a complete mess, falling in front of her forehead in thin clusters. Her white face is battered and blistering, closely resembling that of a fresh corpse.

Dark swelling surrounds her right eye, and four deep bloody scars stretch across the length of her thigh, contrasting sharply with the paleness of her skin. Bruises circle down her entire arms in various shades of black, purple and yellow.

There's so much blood...

Blue hand marks are punctured around her delicate throat....
she looks dead!....

I'm frozen, suppressed by all the fear that suddenly coarser through me.

'Breath Aliviah.' I instruct my self suddenly struggling to suck in air as a wave of nausea rolls over me.
'Don't faint! breath!!' Just breath.

The room is destroyed ,scratch marks covering walls, blood staining the floor and bed. The window lies in a bloody mess of glass shards! Oh god.
What if she's dead?!

The memories that this image brings forth is almost too much for me to bear.

All those lifeless bodies.
Scattered across the bloodied fields.

It's in the past!

"A-Aliviah?" She suddenly manages to squeak out breathing heavily. She tries to sit up surprised at my presence, but quickly stops when she hisses in pain.

She's alive!!!

"Aliviah! My l-leg." Fresh tears spring from her swollen eyes but when she tries to speak again, she only manages a cracky whisper, too quiet to understand properly.

Soft sobs rack her body, as she unsuccessfully tries to lie still to relieve her body from the pain.

Her voice pulls me to action. Hurried, I run to her side and hold up her head. She grimaces, shifting around to find a comfortable position. Oh god what do I do?!

"Are you alright!?" What a stupid question-but its all I can think to say.

She shakes her head pressing her dry lips tightly together, suppressing a wince.

"Who did this to you?" I manage to make myself sound confident and composed but angry at the same time, to hide how truly scared I am.


It has become a way of life for me.

She doesn't need to reply. I already know the answer.

"H-he d-did." She mutters in between breaths. "I-I'm so scared." Her sobs break my heart. This shouldn't have happened. She didn't deserve this.
I kneel down beside her and put my hand out to stroke her head, but pull back when she nervously flinches.

"Sorry" I mutter quietly. She just closes her eyes and breathes heavily. I have to help her. At least a little. It's risky. If someone finds out....

Lyris sobs in pain and that does it.
I stretch my arm over her injured leg and push power from my chest to my finger tips. I haven't used this strength in a while, but a quick healing spell isn't hard.

"Quiella ka sinerra." I whisper under my breath, feeling the spell cast over her leg within my muscles. Black mist slowly seeps from my fingertips into her skin and in between the crack in her bone, melding it back into place.

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