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---{LYRIS'S POV}---
I can't sleep that night. I am too angry, too full of regret, too upset and in too much pain. I lie in the dark, alone, with my eyes closed until the first sign of the sun shines through the window.

Damon strangely left in the middle of the night. He had been very restless while lying in bed with me. He shifted from spot to spot, tossing and turning. Occasionally he even growled dangerously low and clawed at the mattress veraciously.


The door slowly creaks open, and Naria, Damon's personal maid, quietly tip toes across the floor, with a bunch of dresses stacked on her arms. She has curves in all the right places and her scarlet red uniform is a shorter more revealing version of the one Mytolas gave Kahla, Aliviah and I.

She strides over to a closet and neatly places the dresses inside. She leaves again, just to return with a big box, that I know is filled with makeup, because I once worked in that department as well.

"Are you awake miss?" She asks quietly. "I'm sorry to wake you, how ever, breakfast with the King and Queen will be served in two hours, and I have to get you ready." Her voice is full of sympathy and pity.

I sit up, pulling the blanket up with me. "Yes. I'm awake." I answer still half asleep.


Damon burts through the door while Naria is applying the last bit of my makeup. I'm wearing a dark blue, floor length dress with white swirls decorating the bottom half, a high neckline and long sleeves. Requested by Damon no doubt.

Most women have to dress like this after they are mated so that as little skin as possible is visible. Werewolf's tend to get jealous fairly easily. Even a glance from another male can send them into a frenzy.

"Good your ready. We will be dining with my parents in a few moments." Damon declares as if he is the one waiting on me. His hair is disheveled and all he is wearing are some ripped grey shorts. He disappears into the bathroom and I wonder to myself what he was up to last night. I shrug it off. Who cares. That bastard can do what ever the hell he wants. I absolutely despise him.

He returns casually, wearing a black business suit, but some how he still manages to look like a complete mess, as usual. He grabs my arm and drags me out of the room to where ever we will dine with the King and Queen with nothing more then a simple;
"Lets go."

We sit down at a huge table. No one els is here yet, but the plates and cutlery are already neatly placed on the table. My stomach growls loudly at the thought of finally eating. I blush and look down at my lap.

Damon chuckles lightly. "Some ones hungry." I can see the smirk thats most likely on his face in my mind. His arrogant signature smirk. He always seems to wear it. I despise his every feature. I hope he burns in hell. How can some one be so evil?

The door opens and in marches Mytolas, with a beautiful dark haired girl gracefully strutting in behind him. Mytolas catches my eyes briefly, and his eyes grow wide with recognition. How ever he doesn't say anything and takes a seat across from us. I thought he was my friend. I grow bitter with betrayal. He said he would always protect me.

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