Chapter 3: First day of school

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After a day since that big fight with Matt.I woke up at 7:00 a.m to prepare for the FIRST day of school.When I was ready, I was getting in the car I saw Matt looking at me with a frown face, I rolled my eyes and got in the car ( each of us has a car ) .He got in as well and we were following his car until we reached our destination,SCHOOL!. Matt and I went in different directions and then I ended up in the hallway and there I saw three stupid looking girls (no offense) and they were staring at me including the students sitting on the bench and I think I know why it's because of my outfit.I dressed up like a nerd. And the reason is,before my dad and I came here in the Philippines I decided to dress up like a nerd instead of being a fashion queen and the reason behind that story is tbat I had a lot of friends but our friendship was over because their boyfriends like me for I am fashionable,pretty,kind and smart.

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