That Girl

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If you could make one wish as you stare into the night full of stars and constellations, what would your wish be?

Would you wish to be famous? Or have a million dollars left in your account?

Now a new car won't be such a bad idea, would it? Or maybe the newest chanel bag?

But those things were far from my mind as I continued to stare into space, my tiny and almost unnoticeable eyelashes flutter at the winds surrounding me I inhale taking nature all in with me.

"I don't wanna be alone anymore"

And that was the last thought that crossed my mind before I closed my eyes.

Chapter 1

That girl whose life is a routine

You know that incessant sound your demonic alarm rings out reminding you that you have a life you aren't very excited to begin? Yeah, unlike you I have a living, breathing alarm clock that makes it unbearable for me to remain in bed once it's past seven.

"MACKENZIE ANNELISE LAURENT! ! I hope God you are not still asleep."

Yup, some people have different names for such a person. But being the person that I am, I would never call her a raging, psycho, who would have been a bullhorn in her other life. Atleast not out loud.

" Don't worry mom, I'm up, I'll be down in a sec"

I reply pulling out my earphones from my ears. I had fallen asleep with them on which had become a normal routine for me these days.

Haha, what am I saying. Everyday of my life is a normal routine. I wake up to either my mother's nagging or my parents bickering, both which are extremely unpleasant, trust me. Sometimes, it gets better. My disgusting younger brother, Taylor barges into my room ( or sneaks in, depending on his mood) and scares me up by either giving me a wet wily or farting in my face (he revolts you too, I know, I have to live with it).

Then we have or morning prayers because my family is very religious, and I'm ok with that. Just so you know we are not that sanctimonious family that preaches and rants about how we are holier-than-thou, and dress up like nuns and reverends, and refer to one another as "brother and sister" naming ourselves Obed or Zeddiciah or do we only play Christian music and are not allowed to date till we are 30, and believe redemption is for us alone.

Whooh, just wanted to clear that up for you. People normally have the wrong idea about us. We keep our fanaticism to a minimum, it's all about moderation people.

Anyway, back to my boring life. I gradually get out of bed, carefully avoiding my vanity mirror as I made my way to the bathroom. I do not need to be reminded that I look like a gorgon in the mornings... Okay, you got me, I look like that everyday, it's just more obvious when I wake up. My hair is a frenzy and eyebags form on my already large eyes. I shiver at the sight of myself even though I'm taking a hot bathe.

After my not-so-reliving shower, I return to my room, gaining a little confidence to look at myself. I don't exactly look horrible. The bathe did well to eliminate those unflattering, post-nocturnal features that were present some minutes ago. There were no zits today, thank God. I couldn't start my senior year with those annoying bumps that find the least welcoming place on my face to camp on. Not that anyone would notice. Besides, I don't have them often, only when I engage in my childhood obsession of licking peanut butter. My dad is African American while my mom is Hispanic, so you'll think that I have flawless gorgeous skin. Wrong!

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