Part 13(Mystery caller)

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Daniel POV:

I pressed the answer button.

"Hey Daniel.I saw you just now.Just wanted to say that your girlfriend's kiss is so..."

"Stop talking Dolph!You're seriously a sly.You can just die!"I shout to him.

He laughed evilly.

"She's mine Daniel.Just accept the fact,"

"But Nikki?!"

"We're over.If I can't have Nikki,I will have Brie,"

"You're obsessed and crazy,"

"But she did accept me Daniel!She just uses you,"

I quickly ended the call.
Did Brie said like that?I can't believe she's a sly like Dolph,too!
Brie POV:

I called Daniel over and over again but he didn't answer.I felt worried about him and decided to check on him at his hotel room tonight.
-30 minutes later-

I arrived at the hotel where all the WWE staff staying.I took the elevator and press one of the button which goes to Daniel's room.

When the elevator door open,I turn to the right and knock on Daniel's room door.The door opens and there stood Daniel.

"What are you doing here?!"he ask harshly.

I was shocked with his expression but maybe he was tired so that may be the reason why he ask harshly.

"I came here to check on you.Can I come in?"

He move his way to the left and let me in.After I went inside,he closes the door.

"Are you ok?"I asked.

"Why're you worried about me?I thought you got Dolph to think of?!"


"I saw you and Dolph were going for a kiss.What were you thinking?!"

"Daniel,I can explain.Actually Dolph..."

"Don't you say another word!I won't trust you anymore!You're seriously a slimy and pathetic b****!"

After  hearing he says that word,my heart shattered into pieces.I started to cry.I grabbed my purse and quickly went out of his room.I pressed the elevator and pressed the button towards the first floor.
Where should I go?Should I meet Nikki at the hospital?

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