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After the kiss the rest of the day consisted of laughing, video games, a 'dance party',story time, and us all taking goofy pictures.

"- and that's how I blew up a soccer ball," Louis finished his story.

"So you just decided that it would make a nice hat or," El gave him a judging look but was obviously joking.

"Well, yeah."


"Why not?"


"El, George texted me we're gonna be late if we don't leave now," Lainey looked up at her, saddness taking over her features.

"Aw, really," El pouted at her.

Lainey laughed and put on a motherly voice,"I'm sorry sweetie, but we can play with your friends another time."

"Why don't you guys come back after the concert you guys can spend the night here," Harry asked getting excited.

El looked at me,"Yeah Zayn, can Lainey and I have a sleepover here? Oh my god, that would be so fun what do you say," El went on getting equally as excited as Harry and the rest of the boys.

I looked at Lainey who also had an excited expression on her face and I got an idea," Yeah that sounds really fun. I mean if you guys really want to."

El and Harry did a little happy dance where they sat and we all laughed.

"Okay, well then we'll see you guys soon," El stood up and grabbed Lainey's hand dragging her to the door.

"Bye guys," Lainey yelled as the door shut.

After a few minutes when I was sure they were gone I  jumped up and grabbed my keys and my jacket.

"Let's go out boys."

[ This is crazy short I'm so sorry.

What's Zayn up to?

Theres Zayn having a 'dance party' on the side. ]

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